Pre-register to Eversoul now on Android and iOS

Pre-register to Eversoul now on Android and iOS

South Korean studio Kakao Games has just announced the opening of Eversoul pre-registrations, its upcoming gacha RPG with a medieval fantasy and post-apocalyptic universe, scheduled for early 2023. Let's discover together the game's scenario trailer, as well as how to pre-register on Android and iOS.

Eversoul pre-registration are now open

A few days before the opening of Eversoul pre-registrations on Android and iOS, Kakao Games had published a new trailer of the game on its YouTube channel. In these few images, we can discover a little more about the story of the Eversoul universe, where we will embody the savior of the world of souls.

In this gacha RPG, collect the souls of angels, demons, fairies and the undead to create the best team to face the many enemies that will confront you throughout the adventure.

For this, you will have the choice of female fighters from 6 different factions, each with their own unique skills. Also improve the relationships between your characters to make them more effective on the battlefield.

A strategic RPG gacha planned for early 2023

If the last two videos published for the announcement of Eversoul's pre-registrations focus on the scenario, we could see some gameplay images in the announcement trailer, which we talked about in a previous weekly recap.

Like more and more games, such as Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, Eversoul alternates between combat phases, where the design of the characters is similar to that of the anime-style cinematics, and exploration and puzzle phases with simplified characters.

Eversoul pre-registrations: gameplay

Regarding the content, we know that in addition to the main adventure, Eversoul will offer dungeons, village building, but also PvP battles.

We don't know the exact Eversoul release date, but the studio recently announced a schedule that calls for a first quarter 2023 release.

So much for the opening of Eversoul pre-registrations, the ambitious mobile RPG from Kakao Games. You can find the complete release schedule of this studio in our article about the announcement of Odin: Valhalla Rising.

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