The First Prophets Room, Black Desert Mobile's new battle stage

The First Prophets Room Black Desert Mobile Event

Entitled The First Prophets Room on Black Desert Mobile, the new battle mode stage has just been released by Pearl Abyss. BDO Mobile doesn't stop adding content. Equipment gains, levels to unlock and story line... Let's discover together The First Prophets Room and its role in the collaborative mode of BDO on Android and iOS.

The First Prophets Room BDO Mobile
The First Prophets Room Black Desert Mobile

What does Black Desert Mobile's The First Prophets Room combat stage consist of?

The latest BDO Mobile patch promises additional content in the collaborative battle mode. Indeed, the update containing The First Prophets Room stage, available on Android and iOS, is packed with items to be won according to Pearl Abyss' announcement. Also, players will (finally) be able to explore the ancient ruins. The First Prophets Room has been added to the "Ancient Ruins" game mode on two levels. These levels require 15,000 CP and 20,000 CP respectively.

Accessing The First Prophets Room in BDO Mobile
Accessing The First Prophets Room in BDO Mobile

Amongst the content that is pleasing is that a multitude of rewards can be obtained by passing this stage. The First Prophets Room of Black Desert Mobile contains the ancient warrior Kabuamilles, who will be defeated alongside other players. Gear, equipment and many other items to be won! Note that the promised equipment should be much more prestigious than the existing ones. However, there are a few conditions to access the stage:

  • Possess a special resource called 'Entangled Time'.
  • Obtain 10,000 ancient tablets.
  • Defeating the Crescent Guardian in the south of Valencia.

What else is new in the BDO Ancient Ruins update?

The July 21, 2021 event features other nuggets. The Lightstones are upgraded, receiving a new level called "Primal". By the way, among the rewards in the First Prophet's Hall, you will get some Primal Lightstone upgrade material.

Equipping yourself with a Primal Lightstone on Black Desert will give you more battle points, defence and other bonuses. The stone can be created with an abyssal stone and 180 sacred vials of light. The special event runs from 20 July to 2 August 2021. Until then, the extraction of Lightstones is completely free.

Primal Lightstones Black Desert Mobile
Primal Lightstones Black Desert Mobile

To finish in beauty, a new PvP mode is released at the same time as the update. "Heroes of Karkea", a sports combat mode to test! A plus to test the Corsair class as it should be.

So what do you think of The First Prophets Room Black Desert Mobile?

Eleysiss Survival, craft, BR, FPS, MMORPG... In short, discovery and fighting! What more could you ask for?

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