Fortnite Season 3 launches a new map

Fortnite season 3

Season 3 of Fortnite promises to be particularly exotic. Epic Games has accustomed its players to constant renewal and each new season promises its share of surprises !
This time, the American company is striking a blow and offering a map that has been completely remodelled by a giant tidal wave. Many islands will have to be explored and, as always, you will have to adapt to them to survive!
The new season is here!

Fortnite season 3: new locations

Fortnite has some mythical locations, which survive through time. Places like Pleasant Park for example are still standing. After a tidal wave, everyone will understand that old locations have been wiped off the map. But in a cycle of creative destruction, there are also new things.

Fortnite season 3 map
A new, completely redesigned map.
  • The Flotilla : a naval military base that will serve as a starting point for successful missions in the new combat pass. Based in the middle of the water, the Flotilla promises to be a strategic and difficult to access location;
  • Rickety Rig : an archipelago formed by a multitude of small islands. For season 3 of Fortnite, hopefully everyone can swim. However, there are rumours that you could have access to boats and even ride a dolphin;
  • Catty Corner: a place waiting to be discovered. It is located in the southeast of the map, near the surviving mountains. Another good place for snipers to express themselves.

Fortnite season 3: a new battle pass

As expected, not everything has been revealed. Epic Games has promised to release a few more wonders from skins to impress the gallery. One thing is certain though, the ultimateskin of Fortnite season 3 will beAquaman 's! A good idea that fits with the overall theme. The battle pass should also give access to a fully customisable umbrella . A source of satisfaction in every game, even if you die quickly.

A promising combat pass! As always!

As the new season is expected to include water vehicles, some people are already hoping to customise these.

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