Freddy Krueger comes to DBD (Dead by Daylight) mobile

Freddy Krueger on DBD mobile

Dead by Daylight will soon celebrate its first anniversary on our phones. The game has an original storyline and the community loves being able to play as either one of the four trapped survivors or the ruthless killer. Gamers should be pleased to see Freddy Krueger come to DBD mobile. He arrives with his iconic clawed glove and powerful skills.
Freddy Krueger won't be coming alone on February 22. Deay by Daylight will also introduce Quentin Smith, the protagonist of the movie Nightmare Ones. Choose your side and let's see who gets the better of the killer or the survivor!

Bloodfeast: an anniversary event

To mark its first year of existence, Dead by Daylight mobile is organising the Bloodfeast event. This event will allow players to triple their Bloodpoints and experience gain if they play Freddy or Quentin! Ideal to unlock new characters and improve your skills.

DBD mobile: already existing killers with Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger on DBD mobile will provide a more diverse killer experience. If the choice is already substantial between the Silhouette, the Nurse or the Clown, the community is still asking for more. With over 10 million downloads worldwide, game studio Behaviour Interactive would be wrong not to capitalise on the game's success. Introducing new content seems to be the right way to keep riding the wave.

Freddy Krueger on mobile DBD: what killer skills?

We still don't know everything about Freddy Krueger's abilities and we'll have to wait to see the character's true power in-game. However, we do know that he will have the ability to shoot his victims in the dream world and that he will be able to mask his terror ray.

DBD mobile: pallets blocking the way

Freddy will also be able to lay fake paddles! They work as traps and block the Survivors when they naively try to activate them. So be very careful... 😉

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