All free Stadia Pro games for September

Google Stadia Pro, free games in September

Like every month, the Google Stadia Pro subscription returns in September with a selection of new free games. The games catalogue hopes to continue to convince its subscribers as well as attract new ones. However, the competition is fierce, as subscription offers abound. In order to stand out from the Google Play Pass and Xbox Game Pass, Stadia Pro is banking on safe and fun games.

If Google can also count on its 4G and 5G streaming offer, compatible with smartphones, the sinews of war remain the game offer. Discover in this article the 6 games included in the subscription.

All free Stadia Pro games of September.

The 6 Stadia Pro games of September

Metro Last Light Redux

A FPS survival horror in a post-apocalyptic universe. You will have to learn to survive in Moscow, the last city where a little humanity still resides in a devastated world. However, beware of the creatures born of radiation and the many other dangers that haunt the streets.

This game is a prime catch, as it was previously included in the Xbox Game Pass where it proved its worth. Now that it has rallied Stadia Pro, Google also hopes to steal some subscribers from its competitor.

Hello Neighbor

A very nice cooperative game that follows the principle of Werewolf but in a much more dynamic way. A group of children explore a mysterious house full of secret rooms. Your mission is to collect keys, but among you is a traitor, the evil neighbour who will be happy to make isolated targets disappear.

Hello Neighbor, a Stadia game from September.


A game inspired by the famous Agent 47 hitman series. Action-adventure style, you will have to carry out your contracts by infiltrating with discretion. However, as long as the mission is completed, you have a certain amount of freedom in your method of approach and your arsenal.


If the game is similar to a sports simulation, it is not realism but fun that is the priority. In a futuristic world but with retro graphics, you face your opponents in a kind of improved tennis where guns have replaced rackets.

Bomberman R Online

The latest version of the Bomberman game. Well-known but still effective, Bomberman R Online has the particularity to offer a Battle Royale mode where 64 players compete.

Bomberman, a Stadia game from September.


Another cooperative multiplayer game in which your mission will be to save people from more dangerous situations than the others. Their lives are in your hands!

The Google Stadia Pro offer is varied and should reach several audiences. What do you think about it? Did the September Stadia Pro offer convince you?

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