Unseen Undecember gameplay trailer for multiplayer

Undecember MMO Gameplay Trailer

After the success of other titles such as Smash Legends, Dragon Flight and Exos Heroes, LINE Games is continuing its RPG adventure with Undecember. This hack'n slash RPG with a resolutely classic feel is aimed at a mobile and PC audience. So, this end of September is the occasion for the title to reveal itself more in images with an unpublished Undecember gameplay trailer.

New gameplay video for Undecember in multiplayer

From what we could see of Undecember's gameplay in the announcement videos, the game follows an extremely classic formula. It is in line with the style it follows: old school hack'n slash. In the vein of Path of Exile, Torchlight, Diablo and the like, it takes everything that made the genre successful: a single-player campaign aimed at introducing a complete narrative and a sense of combat, multiplayer elements, elegant graphics loaded with bright and varied VFX for fun spell combinations on theUnreal Engine 4 and an interface taken from the most famous titles. In Undecember's gameplay videos, it's clear that the game isn't reinventing the wheel. But, sometimes, the classic well done can be good!

In this latest Undecember gameplay video, we mainly discover the multiplayer modes. First, the instanced Chaos Dungeons for HL groups. Secondly, the Spire of Barrier arena with a wave-based creature battle in which players have to survive mob assaults as well as a boss raid system. On the other hand, PvE gives way to PvP in guild versus guild or simply in open battle between players in Crusade of Glory.

This previous Undecember gameplay video reveals more about skill upgrades. The latter seem to work by runes to avoid locking the player into a predefined class path. On the other hand, Undecember is expected to offer its gameplay in beta test to South Korean players from October 13 to 19. Don't worry, more testing is planned internationally. You can find the official game website here to learn more about the lore.

The developers at Needs Games believe they can meet their self-imposed deadline and release the full game by the end of the year. But the question that remains is... will UNDECEMBER finally be released in December? 😏

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