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HoYoWiki: the official wiki of Genshin Impact

HoYoWiki Genshin Impact

While the 2.7 update of Genshin Impact is still pending, HoYoverse has launched HoYoWiki, its official wiki. In the database you can find a lot of information about the characters, weapons and enemies of the game. We take a look at the current and future features of the HoYoWiki at Genshin Impact.

Features of HoYoWiki, the wiki of Genshin Impact

HoYoWiki Character Archive

You can access the HoYoWiki of Genshin Impact directly by clicking this link, or through the HoYoLab application, in the tools section.

MiHoYo's encyclopaedia competes with existing databases such as Honey Hunter and the fan-made wiki of Genshin Impact. However, it has the advantage of having been created directly by HoYoverse. Nevertheless, the HoYoWiki is still in its infancy. For the moment, you will not find data on quests, achievements, etc.

On the other hand, you can consult a lot of information on :

  • Characters: description of skills and statistics according to their level and lists of elevation materials;
  • Weapons: history of the weapon, secondary attribute and materials needed;
  • Artifacts: history of the artifact and bonus conferred ;
  • Bestiary: you have the list of the loots of the monsters of the game;
  • Teyvat's specialties: upgrade scrolls, consumables, books, etc.
List of weapons from Genshin Impact in the HoYoWiki

HoYoWiki also allows you to search by theme. For example, you can enter the type of weapon you are interested in (one-handed sword, hast weapon, bow, etc.) and the secondary attribute you would like to have (ATK%, elemental mastery, critical rate, etc.). This will refine your search according to your needs.

The same applies to artefacts. You can classify them according to the type of bonus they give (VP, CRIT rate, ATK%).

However, some information is still missing, such as weapon liabilities or information on where to find the various items in the RPG. Also, future characters like Yelan and Shinobu (announced for the 2.7 update) are not present, which is a shame. It would be interesting to know their raising materials in order to farm them in advance.

Improving the HoYoWiki of Genshin Impact

But this is only the beginning of the HoYoWiki of Genshin Impact. The database will later be opened to players. You will be able to complete the wiki. HoYoverse should communicate on this subject soon.

This tool is already useful and above all practical. You can see the exact ratio of each attack, find all the heroes' lines, a full HD gallery, etc. For more information on quests or characters, go to our Genshin Impact page to find all our guides.

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