Official release of Dislyte after a long beta

Dislyte is released worldwide and the beta is over

If there's one game that's been breaking hype records in recent months, it's the upcoming title from Lilith Games that brings together RPG and music. So, the release of Dislyte, after several months of beta, should delight more than one player. Let's (Re)discover together a game at the crossroads between mythology, popular culture, EDM and neon colours on the occasion of its worldwide launch.

The success of a game between music and gacha

Already in charge of huge successes such as Rise of Kingdoms, AFK Arena or Warpath, Lilith Games offers itself with the release of Dislyte an original license with a unique style. Even if the story copies a little Percy Jackson and Avengers, the mix is successful.

The strength of Dislyte is not that it spammed Instagram with ads or that it is yet another AFK RPG with a gacha system, it is something else. The game has an assumed aesthetic that few studios could have pushed to this degree of detail and consistency.

Honestly, watching the release trailer for Dislyte for its global launch, one can't help but recognize the mastery of the direction. The Espers have character and the art direction is reminiscent of some of the choices made in League of Legends K/DA for example. It's a whole universe that has seduced the mobile community.

Release of Dislyte on mobile and end of the beta!

The end of the beta means that players will be able to receive the rewardslaunch. If you were pre-registered, you will get login bonuses and large rewards. But for those who missed out on pre-registration, there are still global launch bonuses such as :

  • the Rookie Boost, which offers a free Legendary Esper on the first 10 draws as well as quests to obtain bonus rewardsreleases Dislyte ;
  • the Road to Legend event, which gives free resources if your legendary Espers reach a certain level
  • and the Shopping Fiesta to collect Redeem Points to redeem for Diamond Records or Platinum or Gold.
Legendary Espers of the exit Dislyte : Xie Chuyi

Gameplay wise, the release of Dislyte does not reinvent the wheel. It's a gacha with team building and good difficulty management. On the other hand, playing on headphones will bring you an interesting musical listening during your game sessions, which might make you addicted to this "pop" RPG!

It's often forgotten how little the audio matters in a game, but on mobile it's hard to make the soundtrack a selling point. Maybe it took a title like Dislyte to break through the barrier, and one day we'll go listen to concerts Dislyte like a K/DA or Final Fantasy concert.

You can download Dislyte on Android and iOS or on the official website of the publisher right now to test it. Here is a short gameplay trailer to give you an idea of the game and its universe.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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