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Laplace, the new Goddess of Victory: NIKKE SSR character

Laplace, the new Goddess of Victory: NIKKE SSR character

Already tired of the Nikkes present at the game release? Then discover Laplace, the new Goddess of Victory: Nikke SSR character. We reveal you everything about this new fighter who arrives with the new chapter of the story, Light of Hero. Let's discover together her skills to know if she can join the top of the best characters tier list.

Laplace, the new Goddess of Victory: NIKKE SSR

The most anticipated addition of this Light of Hero update is of course Laplace, the new Goddess of Victory: Nikke SSR character. As a reminder, the RPG shooter with a sci-fi pot-apo universe from Level Infinite and SHIFT UP is released since October 30, 2022 on Android and iOS.

With already several million downloads worldwide, the game is receiving a rather positive reception, which we have talked about in detail in our Goddess of Victory: NIKKE review. So who is Laplace, the new SSR from Goddess of Victory: Nikke SSR, and what are its assets on the battlefield?

Laplace's gameplay and skills

Laplace is an Goddess of Victory: NIKKE SSR character She is a member of the elite Matis squad of Missilis Industry, where she holds the position of commander as the first Nikke created by Matis. She is therefore an important figure and an accomplished war hero.

Equipped with her rocket launcher named Hero Syndrome, Laplace is an Code: D.M.T.R attacker who can inflict raw damage and pierce her targets. She has three skills:

  • Hero Vision: When you charge an attack to its maximum, you activate Hero Vision, which increases the blast range. This effect is cumulative five times;
  • Hero Bomber: Your damage is improved on the last bullet that hits an enemy and on the weak points of the Bosses;
  • Laplace Buster: His rocket launcher transforms into a railgun that pierces targets. Combined with the fully charged Hero Vision skill, Laplace deals raw damage.
Laplace, the new Goddess of Victory: NIKKE SSR

Laplace is an SSR character in GoV: NIKKE that is effective in dealing with large numbers of enemies thanks to his Hero Vision and Laplace Buster combo abilities. On the other hand, his skills take time to recharge and are easily avoided by agile enemies.

So much for Laplace, the new Goddess of Victory: NIKKE SSR character. Despite good area damage, this Nikke will only be able to unfold her potential if she is accompanied by other characters who will fill her lack of attack speed.

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