Google Play Games groups your mobile games in a single folder


Google will soon be introducing new features for Android users. Google Play will be able to automatically sort your mobile games. Games will then be stored in a single folder on your phone! Great news that will save time and space for smartphone gamers. Thank you Google Play Games! 😍

Android games folder Google Play
Screenshots from the Google Play Games folder @MouaidNight

The new games folder for all Google phones

Just likeOppo's Games Space, or the second MIUI storage space on Xiaomi gaming phones, Google will allow us to organize our mobile games in a special folder. This folder will be placed on the home screen of your Android smartphone. You will then get a message asking you if you want your mobile games to be automatically filed.

The information was first spotted and leaked in an article by XDA Developers. We know that many of you spend time sorting through mobile games and various apps on the home screen. Lucky for us, Google is saving us time. We could all be getting this new single "games" folder very soon. This home screen folder is currently being rolled out to some users:

This feature will be present in Google Play Games, the application that makes it easier to connect to many mobile games. This application is installed as standard on all Android smartphones. Unfortunately, this is not the case for iOS users.

If you are one of the users who already have this feature of Google Play Games, you can accept that the application classifies your mobile games. If you accept, the "games" folder will be created automatically.

So what do you think of this new feature on the Google Play Games? Have you been able to test this new folder on Android? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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