The Google Play Pass is coming to France!

Google Play Pass France

Although available since 2019, the Google Play Pass was not yet released in France ! It is now coming to France and this is good news for us! We are known as gamers and represent an important market in the mobile gaming sector.
This offer competes with the Apple Arcade subscription, which has had mixed results and has not given complete satisfaction to its customers. In the same vein, the Google Play subscription gives access to a large number of games, without ads or in-app purchases. This is an attractive offer, provided that the games offered are of good quality.

Google Play Pass France vs Apple Arcade
Achoice will have to be made between the two!

How do I subscribe to Google Play Pass?

Everyone can subscribe by paying monthly(4.99 euros) or yearly(29.99 euros). While the monthly subscription is more flexible, the yearly subscription still saves you almost 30 euros. We therefore advise you to think carefully before committing yourself.
Moreover, the offer is rather generous since a subscription can be shared with 5 members of your family at no extra cost. As for the requirements, all you need is a device with at least Android 4.4 and Play Store version 16.6.25. Pretty easy to meet.

Alternatively, to find the Google Play Pass subscription, simply go to the Play Store. Open the menu and select the "Play Pass" tab.

Hundreds of games on offer

To appeal to the widest possible audience, the Google Play Pass offers hundreds of games. Among the games on offer are Sonic The Hedgehog, This War of Mine, Forgotton Anne, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Limbo and Monument Valley. A variety of games, which can appeal to both young and old. Please note that the list may change over time, new games will be added over time! The aim is to offer a constant renewal.

Google Play Pass France games
The offer is very varied!

The offer is also coming to other countries: Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.
We can't wait to try it out!

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