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Summoners War: Halloween update and other improvements

update skins  halloween 2020 summoners war

Com2us has just added a new update for its flagship game Summoners War in which you can find New skins interesting Halloween content and improvements for some of the game's content such as the repeated fights for Dimension Hole!

The arrival of skins for Halloween in Summoners War!

Yes, you read that right! Three monsters (ifrit, vampire, chimera) will be entitled to receive new skins which are quite fun for the arrival of Halloween in Summoners War.

halloween ifrit
Halloween rakan
Halloween vampire

Rakan is less impressive that way... 😀

In my opinion, they are one of the best metamorphosis available in Summoners War, what do you think?

Improvement of playing comfort

This update not only brings skins for the arrival of Halloween, but also elements that improve the experience of Summoners War by optimising certain aspects of the gameplay.

The Dimension Hole in the repeat battle

The Dimension Hole is finally available in the rehearsal fights which will allow you to awaken your monsters a second time faster! Don't forget to check out our guide to second awakening dungeons.

repeat battle from Dimension Hole

Rune improvement and energy saving

You will now be able to upgrade your runes directly in the space where they are stored during your repeat battle in order to follow your battle and upgrade directly as you progress.

In addition to this, you will also have access to a button that allows you to switch to "energy saving" mode. This mode, which was previously accessible in the game's menu, allows you to reduce the battery consumption and you will be able to enjoy Summoners War longer.

energy saving Summoners War

Season 2 of the Summoners War occupation battles

In addition to the arrival of skins for Halloween in Summoners War, Season 2 of Occupy Battles will take place from September 3rd to the end of November. Here is the list of rewards for this season:

GradeGuild PointsCrystals (per guild member)Scene Effect RewardOccupation Battle Scenery Award
Tournament winning guild 10001000Mystical Energy X3
Vigorous Energy X3
Occupation battle decoration A
Guild that participated in the fourth or more rounds (2nd to 4th place)800750Mystical Energy X3
Vigorous Energy X3
Occupation battle decoration B
Guild having participated in the second or more rounds (5th to 12th place)800750Mystical Energy X3
Vigorous Energy X3
Occupation battle decoration C
Guild that participated in the Occupancy Tournament (13th to 20th place)800750Mystical Energy X3
Vigorous Energy X3
Occupation battle decoration D
Guard 3650500Mystical Energy X2
Vigorous Energy X2
Guard 2 650500Mystical Energy X2
Vigorous Energy X2
Caretaker 1500350Mystical Energy X2
Vigorous Energy X2
Conqueror 3300250Vigorous energy X3
Conqueror 2250200Vigorous energy X2
Conqueror 1200150Vigorous energy X1
Fighter 315075
Fighter 210050
Fighter 17530
Challenge 5020

This update for Summoners allows us to see what the new skins will look like for Halloween, as well as the various modifications to lighten the gameplay.

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