The game Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is coming to mobile in South East Asia!

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

In the tradition of the Harry Potter games, the new game signed by NetEase Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is coming very soon on mobile and PC! In any case, this is what was announced by the two companies concerning the game Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. The game is coming very soon to iOS and Android mobiles and to PC for users in South East Asia. Does this mean a European release in the near future? Let's find out!

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, a new game soon available?

The news came down two days ago, a new game inspired by the saga Harry Potter is in development! This new game is announced by the video game giants NetEsae Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It promises to be great! Entitled Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the game will be available for Android and iOS mobile players as well as PC players. That way, no jealousy!

This game is a new opus that is rooted in the story ofHarry Potter and his friends, in Hogwarts and the vast world of wizards. It is a card game (CCG) mixed with an RPG concept. In this colourful game, you will have the opportunity to study magic, learn spells and game strategies, all in the form of playing cards! The cards are used in battles against other students and enemies. The cards feature many of the spells, creatures and characters that are well known to fans of the saga Harry Potter !

History and release of the game Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

The story takes place in the aftermath of the Second Wizarding War. Players will be able to interact with many characters from the book series, such as Hermione, Ron, and even Harry himself! In fact, there are many more characters available to delight all fans (including Malfoy's)! You will begin this adventure upon receiving your acceptance letter to the school Hogwarts. You will then be able to travel on the famous train to the school and take part in the Choosing Hat ceremony! Players will even be able to play Quidditch ! Cards can be collected and strategically assembled to fight epic PvP battles as a young wizard and witch.

For the moment, NetEase and Warner Bros have announced the release of the game in Japan, South Korea and South East Asia. No date is yet known for a European release. We only know that the game will be available on mobile and PC this year 2021 in these three geographical areas!

And here is another tour de force from NetEase, which has just been ranked among the biggest video game publishers in the world! Can't wait to play this game? We'll keep you informed for a possible release in Europe!

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