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Hearthstone Blizzcon 2021 announcements: expansion and new game mode

Hearthstone 2021 Announcements

This year's Blizzcon 2021 took place under somewhat unusual conditions. For the first time, all the Blizzard fans who are looking forward to this event will have the right to follow all the conferences for free... but online. To be honest, we were expecting a bit more of a biscuit cutter for Blizzconline 2021. Anyway, regardless of the circumstances of the event, there were some cool announcements about Hearthstone.
Here is a summary of what 's coming up on Hearthstone: the new Forged in the Tarids expansion and a new game mode The Book of Mercenaries!

New extension: Forged in the Tarids

The new expansion pack with 135 new collectible cards will not be available until spring. However, you can already pre-purchase the Forged in the Tarids expansion packs. These new cards will take you straight into the world of Tarids (if you are a WoW player, you know what I mean). It's a pleasure to be back in the cradle of the Horde, with tauren, trolls and orcs battling packs of raging hurans, harpies and centaurs.
So what's new with the Forged in the Tarids expansion?

Megapack Hearthstone Forged in the Tarids

New keyword: Frenzy

New game mechanic coming to Hearthtone: Frenzy. Servants with this new keyword will trigger a powerful effect when they survive damage. Provided that these servants also have the keyword Rush, and then, I do not give much hope of the skin of the opponent. Otherwise, you can imagine that you'll have to manage to one-shot these minions...

Rank spells

A brand new mechanic here too, with the arrival of rank spells. These are spells that will gain in power once you have reached certain levels of mana crystals (level 5 and 10). And it works as well with cards in hand as with cards still in the deck.

New mechanics: schools of magic

All spells in the game (standard mode and free mode) are now categorised into schools of magic. 7 schools are introduced, allowing spells to synergise and add strategy to the game.

  • Arcana
  • Corruption
  • Fire
  • Frost
  • Holy
  • Nature
  • Shadow

The effect is therefore retroactive and will now apply to all spells in the game.

Legendary mercenary servants

10 legendary mercenary minions to collect are added to the game. Each class will have its own specific servant (for example, Bru'kan for the shaman). The story of each of these heroes will be told through this new Hearthstone year, the Year of the Griffin (based on the current Book of Heroes).

New Hearthstone game mode announced at Blizzcon 2021

This new game mode that will land on Hearthstone during 2021 is called the Book of Mercenaries!

Hearthstone game mode Book of Mercenaries

For now, all the details of this new Hearthstone game mode announced at Blizzcon 2021, are not known. However, we already know that this mode is inspired by roguelike strategic role-playing games.
PvP and PvE, the goal will be to build your best team of mercenaries from your collection and choose your next challenge from a selection of paths (a bit like Slay the Spire). Champions will gain experience by winning battles and can evolve into more powerful versions of themselves. In addition, rewards will be unlocked as the game progresses to strengthen the team until the final boss is reached. We can't wait to test this new game mode Book of Mercenaries!

💡 Quick tip: don't forget to log into Hearthstone soon. Since the latest update 19.6 rollout, you can get the Shadowhunter Vol'jin legendary card for free 😉

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