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Hearthstone UPDATE 19.4: Sombrelune races mini-set + 2 Battleground heroes

Hearthstone 19.4 update

January 21st is the date of the Hearthstone 19.4 update! On the program, again of the novelty, with the arrival of the mini-set of the races of Sombrelune and 35 new unique cards to collect. The battlefield mode has not been left aside since 2 new champions are appearing! I'll break it all down for you ⤵️

Sombrelune races mini-set: a new feature on Hearthstone

This is the first time in the history of Hearthstone that this type of mini-expansion is coming to the game. Usually, between two expansions, no new cards are added to the game. But here, the "Crazy Day at Sombrelune" expansion, released last November, expands its collection! Indeed, this mini-set of the Sombrelune races will be composed of 35 new unique cards

  • 4 legends
  • 1 epic (x2)
  • 14 rare (x2)
  • 16 municipalities (x2)

Of course, as always, only legendary cards cannot be obtained in duplicate. That's 66 new cards you can add to your collection!

Hearthstone 19.4 Update Legendary Cards

The mechanics of these cards are well known; there is nothing new here (this is not a real expansion, don't abuse it!). So we find the evil Corruption, the devious servants who go to Sleep and the terrible devastating Salvos. Even the double-class cards, recently introduced with the last expansion, will be part of this mini-set.

How do I get the Darklune Racing mini-set?

It's easy! These new trading cards will be hidden in the "Crazy Day at Sombrelune" packs. Also, the entire mini-set will be available in the game shop! You can buy it for €14. 99 or 2,000 gold coins.

So if, like me, you've had the good sense to recently farm the new daily and weekly quest system, you should find yourself covered in gold! If you've saved your money, you'll be able to get this mini-set without spending a single euro!

Update 19.4: 2 new heroes for the battlefield mode

As with every update (or almost), the battlefield mode also undergoes a few changes. Indeed, 2 new heroes have appeared! These are not heroes that have been put on the back burner and reappeared with a modification of their hero power, they are indeed new faces (well, if we can say so...). These 2 heroes have a passive hero power with brand new mechanics.

  • Tickatus: Every 4 rounds, discover a Sombrelune prize.
  • Grisebranch: Grants +1/+2 and Provocation to minions you summon in combat.

Do you think these heroes will be top tier? I'm not sure what to think at this point, but one thing is for sure, I can't wait to go try them out! Just a reminder for the impatient, if you haven't unlocked the Battlefield mode bonuses, you won't have access to these new heroes until their official release on February 4th.

By the way, 2 new servants (demons) have been added to this patch 19. 4:

  • Devourer of souls: war cry: you choose an allied demon. Remove it to gain its characteristics and 3 gold coins.
  • Track Matron: Provocation - Rattle of Agony: Summon 2 imps 3/2.

Alas, RIP the Floating Watcher... We will miss you to carry our games with the demons build !
Let's see, then, if the demon build regains some of its vigour with the arrival of these 2 new minions! I have to admit that playing demons in late game, it could become difficult.

So, how do you think the meta will change with this update 19.4 and the arrival of these new maps for the standard mode ? And these 2 new heroes on Battleground? Come on, I'll leave you to it, I have to go tryhard 😜

Sources: Hearthstone 19.4 Release Notes - Blizzard

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