Heroes of Crown release: a colourful Idle RPG

Heroes of Crown Release

Are you looking forward to a new Idle RPG? It's a good thing because Heroes of Crown release is fast approaching. For the occasion, let's go over the information gathered during the different phases of test on this visually ambitious title from Woobest Game.

Heroes of Crown release

In pre-registration since last month, Heroes of Crown release is scheduled to July 5th 2022. In this short trailer of less than 30 seconds, the first 5 are reserved for the legs of its heroines. Many of them are dressed very lightly. This is probably because it is very hot in the Heroes of Crown universe. Joking aside, the manga-style 3D graphics are of very good quality and the charadesign displays a multitude of different inspirations.

Beyond a colourful and fantastic universe, Heroes of Crown release presents us with an Idle RPG with gacha mechanics to unlock and upgrade characters.

You will have to compose a team with characters from different origins to create a synergy and defeat your enemies. There are currently 5 origins: Egypt, Rome, Greece, Japan and Hermes continent. Each character has a rarity level, from 1 to 5 stars, as well as its own combat statistics.

Fight on all fronts and bet on matches around the world

One of the special features of the Heroes of Crown release is the swapping system, which allows you to multiply the number of battles in progress. At any time, you can decide whether to take an active part in the battle or let your heroes fend for themselves.

In terms of content, PvE offers a main story, side quests and dungeons. On the PvP side, you will be able to fight against players from all over the world, but also to attend fights and bet on your favourite with the game's currency. This can be a good way to earn extra resources while your heroes are fighting on their side.

Heroes of Crown release: characters

To help new players get started, 100 free draws will be offered at the Heroes of Crown release as well as a draw to unlock a 5-star hero. So don't wait any longer and pre-register now on iOS and Android. In related news, Saint Seya: Legend of Justice preregistration is still open and already has over 1.5 million players registered.

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