Honkai Star Rail at Gamescom 2022: trailer and first impressions

Honkai Star Rail at Gamescom 2022: trailer and first impressions

Hoyoverse, the studio behind Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd, has just presented a Honkai Star Rail new trailer at Gamescom 2022. The game is also playable at the show and we reveal our first impressions of this open world sci-fi action-RPG.

The new trailer released during Opening Night Live

At Opening Night Live, we got to see a new trailer for Honkai Star Rail, playable at Gamescom 2022. In this story trailer titled Nightmare, we can see the character Dan Heng aboard a flying train. As he wakes up from a strange nightmare that looks like a prophecy, the train is about to travel through space.

This trailer brings very little information, except that fans of the license will be able to find some characters. It only serves to make us want to discover the lore and to get our hands on the game. That's what our special correspondent on site was able to do. We reveal you her Honkai Star Rail first impressions at Gamescom 2022.

Our first impressions of Honkai Star Rail at Gamescom 2022

Let's talk about our Honkai Star Rail gameplay discovery at Gamescom 2022. In this gacha RPG, you will have to compose a 4 characters team. As in Genshin Impact, the heroes belong to elements, which all have strengths and weaknesses against other elements. Each character has a basic attack and two special attacks. Battles take place in the turn-based. However, this can be interrupted by the ultimate attack of one of your characters.

On the negative side, the loading times are very long, especially to transition at the beginning and end of a fight. We felt almost the same frustration as when our journey was stopped by a level 3 Rattata in Pokémon Rouge. However, since the enemies are visible during the exploration phases, it is possible to turn things to your advantage and attack your targets by surprise.

Honkai Star Rail at Gamescom 2022: gameplay

During this thirty minutes test of Honkai Star Rail at Gamescom 2022, we have notably seen pieces of destructible scenery. Graphically, Honkai Star Rail is very similar to Genshin Impact. You can clearly feel the Hoyoverse's graphic style, whether in the cel shading or in the menus. The animations are very beautiful and fluid.

So much for our trailer and Honkai Star Rail first impressions at Gamescom 2022. We still don't have a release date for the next Hoyoverse game, but you can already pre-register on the official game website. To stay informed about the news of your favorite games and studios, I invite you to regularly consult our section dedicated to mobile news.

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