Pre-registration for Honkai: Star Rail opens before its release

Pre-registration for Honkai: Star Rail on Android and iOS begins

Honkai: Star Rail opens its pre-registrations on mobile after a last beta test in January. The semi-open world RPG from Hoyoverse will soon offer you to board the Astral Express to the stars. In the works since 2021, Honkai: Star Rail is finally approaching its release date. Whether you're an Android or iOS gamer, don't miss the release of the upcoming Honkai and pre-register to get free rewards at launch.

How to pre-register for Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail will be a space adventure aboard a train that can travel freely. On board or while exploring, collect heroes with unique skills, including well-known Honkai characters, across numerous worlds and dungeons. Pre-registration for Honkai: Star Rail is the perfect opportunity to get a free character at launch!

Once your team is assembled, upgrade your fighters to deal with the problems created by Stellaron. Then, it will be up to you to lift the veil on the mystery that surrounds them. Before you pre-register, you should know that Honkai: Star Rail already benefits from very positive feedbacks on its gameplay and atmosphere.

Pre-register for Honkai Star Rail on mobile before the release

If you are already familiar with the Honkai license, you won't be lost. As soon as it launches its pre-registrations, Honkai: Star Rail makes its fans happy. Indeed, the official blog post on this announcement details all the free rewards you can get. And, since Hoyoverse, is not known for being generous with rewards freebies, you better take advantage of it!

To pre-register for Honkai: Star Rail, you can connect your account on Playstore for Android and on Appstore for iOS. Since the game will also be available on PC, you can also go through the game's website to pre-register.

We tested Honkai: Star Rail at Gamescom this summer, so it's a pleasure to see it finally arrive in a worldwide release soon. It will also allow us to make a final opinion on the gameplay, the art direction and the overall atmosphere of the game.

Beta phase test completed to prepare for release

Throughout 2022 and into January, Hoyoverse's upcoming Honkai title has been going through multiple phases of test on Android and iOS. Strengthened by this experience, the game finally seems ready to be released on mobile. The only known release date for Honkai: Star Rail is April 26, 2023.

Pre-registration for Honkai: Star Rail of Hoyoverse

Indeed, this is the release date indicated on the Appstore page of the game. However, as we haven't received any official statement from Hoyoverse, this date remains purely indicative. You will have to follow carefully the news about Honkai: Star Rail to not miss the release of the game. The easiest way is to pre-register for the game and follow the JeuMobi news!

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