Honkai Star Rail trailer: miHoYo's new RPG turn-based

Character Honkai Star Rail trailer

MiHoYo is no longer in its infancy. With successful titles such as Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact 3rd, the studio can claim to be at the top of the mobile RPG genre. So it was with great fanfare that the news of a new miHoYo game was welcomed by the Android and iOS gaming community. Today we bring you the trailer for Honkai: Star Rail, the studio's production which is revealed in images.

graphics honkai star rail trailer

Honkai: Star Rail trailer all in Cinematic

The release of the Honkai: Star Rail trailer is accompanied by some information provided in an interview with the developers. Here is what we know about Honkai: Star Rail so far:

  • The title is a natural extension of the Honkai titles and offers a new astral adventure.
  • On the graphical side, the shaders that made the success of Genshin Impact for example are also back.
  • The entire sound and visual design is intended to be immersive for the player.
  • Star Rail features RPG gameplay at turn-based for maximum strategy, with time to pause and reflect to advance your next move.
  • Dungeon exploration will be on the agenda. This feature that is so well known to MMO or idle game players will allow you to discover the secrets of Fragmentum while sharing your adventures as a team.

Like Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail will be released on multiple platforms. MiHoYo will open it up to both PC and mobile players on Android and iOS. In fact, pre-registration for the game is already open on the official website. Unfortunately for many players, this Honkai title only has English, Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese in its starting translations. In addition, only a small number of registrants will be selected to participate in closed tests. If you already have a thousand questions about Honkai: Star Rail, some of them have probably already been answered on HoYoLAB.

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