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How to get Valkyrie in Apex Legends Mobile ?

How to get Valkyrie in Apex Legends Mobile ?

After the Revenant release and the leaks about Horizon, let's see how to get Valkyrie in Apex Legends Mobile. Let's discover together the history of this aerial legend, the effects of her abilities as well as the ways to unlock her and her release date.

Valkyrie, Winged Avenger

According to the latest leaks of the game, it will soon be possible to get Valkyrie in Apex Mobile. The legend is already available on PC and consoles since 2021. Kairi Imahara has always dreamed of being a mercenary and owning a Titan, to follow the example of her father, Viper, who disappeared during his childhood during a mission that went wrong.

After years of delivering illegal shipments and hanging out in bars with criminals, Valkyrie developed piloting skills and a tolerance for alcohol, which led to information about her father's disappearance.

But when she found the man responsible, Kuben Blisk, Valkyrie couldn't bring herself to kill him. However, she did manage to steal his Apex games invitation card, where she plans to honor her father by using his Titan's flight module as a jetpack.

Apex Legends Mobile Valkyrie's abilities

Before we get to how to get Valkyrie in Apex Mobile, let's review her skills. Her tactical ability, Missile Swarm, launches multiple mini-rocket shots that inflict damage and disorient opposing targets.

Valkyrie in Apex Legends Mobile

Her passive ability is her VTOL Jets, thanks to which Valkyrie can fly. This gives her great mobility in battles and allows her to take information about the position of her enemies, as well as making her more complicated to target. On the other hand, her fuel is limited and requires time to recharge.

Finally, with her ultimate ability, Skyward Dive, Valkyrie flies high into the air, which can allow her to travel long distances. In addition, her teammates can latch onto her to move the entire squad to another spot.

How to get Valkyrie in Apex Legends Mobile ?

For the moment, it is not possible to get Valkyrie in Apex Legends Mobile and EA has not communicated its exact release date. Nevertheless, the latest leaks revealed on social networks have told us that the legend will be available in the season 4.5 update.

We don't know the methods for unlocking Valkyrie in Apex Legends Mobile yet. However, it is likely that the developers will keep the same strategy as for Loba or Crypto, by featuring the character in a battle pass or event.

Apex Mobile Valkyrie visual

It will surely be possible to get Valkyrie for free in Apex Mobile by completing missions, but the legend will also be available in the store at the same price as the other 750 Syndicate Gold, namely about ten euros.

Now you know how to get Valkyrie in Apex Legends Mobile, as well as the effects of her skills and her story. So you'll be ready when the legend arrives in Season 4.5 of Electronic Arts' Battle Royale.

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