How to unlock Horizon in Apex Legends Mobile ?

How to unlock Horizon in Apex Legends Mobile ?

With Revenant just released in EA's mobile BR, you may be wondering how to unlock Horizon in Apex Legends Mobile. We explain everything in this comprehensive guide, from its history to the effects of its skills, to its release date and how to get it.

Horizon, the gravitational manipulator

According to the latest leaks of the game, it will soon be possible to unlock Horizon in Apex Mobile. The legend is already available on PC and consoles since late 2020. Real name Mary Somers, this eccentric astrophysicist is the one who discovered branthium, an unlimited source of energy.

During an expedition to prove her theory, she is betrayed by Dr. Reid who leaves her for dead, drifting in space near a black hole. Although Horizon managed to reach her starting point, the time dilation around the black hole cost her no less than 87 years.

With no one left alive, Horizon is determined to build a time machine to return to her son. That's why she needs to win the Apex games and use the reward to fund her research.

Horizon's abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Before we know how to unlock Horizon in Apex Mobile, let's review its skills. Gravity Lift, its tactical ability, reverses gravity in an area to a height of 30 meters for 10 seconds. Inside the elevator, players can move horizontally and when they reach the top of the area, they are ejected after 2 seconds.

Horizon in Apex Legends Mobile

His passive ability, Space Walk, allows Horizon to control his air travel and reduce fall damage. Finally, his ultimate ability Black Hole creates a micro black hole for 12 seconds that draws players into its center, before inflicting heavy damage. However, the device can be destroyed, which negates the effect of the skill.

How to unlock Horizon in Apex Legends Mobile ?

At the moment it is not possible to unlock Horizon in Apex Legends Mobile and we do not know its exact release date. However, the legend is expected to be released with the Season 4 update, which will obviously be called Aspire.

Just like Revenant or Loba and Crypto before him, it will probably be possible to get Horizon for free in Apex Mobile by collecting the fragments of the Battle Pass. Apart from that, Horizon will be available in the store for 750 Syndicate Gold, or about ten euros.

How to unlock the Horizon legend in Apex Mobile

There you have it, now you know how to unlock Horizon in Apex Mobile and how to play effectively with its skills when it comes to the mobile version of Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment's battle royale. And if you want more tips on how to make Top 1s, head over to our Apex Legends Mobile beginner guide as well as our best weapons tier list.

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