Invictus: Lost Soul officially released on iOS and Android

Invictus: Lost Soul: official release

Little by little the bird is nesting. After a soft-launch last August in some countries around the world, Invictus: Lost Soul is celebrating its official global release on iOS and Android. As good news never comes alone, Bushiroad International has announced a collaboration with Japanese franchise Cardfight! Vanguard in a special event. As such, players will have the opportunity to glean equipment and skins reminiscent of the clans and nations of Cray.

As a reminder, Invictus: Lost Soul offers highly strategic duels where your avatar's actions are determined by a deck of cards to be composed before the fight. Depending on your hand, several possibilities are offered to you: heavy attack, fast attack, parry, special skill, buff, etc. It's up to you to find the best combos to knock out your enemies.

Invictus: Lost Soul x Cardfight! Vanguard

The launch event will run until 21 March and will give you a good start to your adventure. To the delight of players, the game will offer free rewards . Every day, with the Invictus: Lost Soul login event, players will be able to pick up items starting with the Blaster Blade (long sword).

Blaster Blade Invictus: Lost Soul x Cardfight! Vanguard
Fans of the Japanese franchise should be able to identify the Blaster Blade.

The most motivated players will also be able to complete missions within the Seasonal Battle Pass. In addition to making your gaming experience more interactive, this pass will also provide you with additional gifts (Blaster Blade armour, wallpaper, etc.). It is also rumoured that a female version of Blaster Blade will be available through the event.

What are the minimum requirements?

The release of Invictus: Lost Soul may be global, but not everyone will have access to this free-to-play game. In addition to regional restrictions (which do not really concern European countries), you will need a relatively powerful phone and 2GB of available memory.

  • iOS : iOS 10 minimum, iOS 13 recommended
  • Android: Android 4.4 minimum, Android 8 recommended

Sensitive souls should also perhaps refrain from touching the game. Invictus: Lost Soul is labelled Pegi 18 with "extreme violence" and "blood". This might put some people off!

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