King Arthur Legends Rise: the creators of Shop Titans are preparing a mobile and PC game about King Arthur

King Arthur Legends Rise Announcement Trailer at GDC by Kabam Games

It's video game announcement madness with the Game Developers Conference 2023 taking place this week. The Unreal editor for Fortnite and all the new tech from Epic Games made some noise, but so did Kabam Games with the announcement of its King Arthur: Legends Rise game on mobile and PC, incidentally developed with Unreal Engine 5. For the first time, the creators of the management game Shop Titans are launching on another platform. They also took the opportunity to present a sublime graphic demo during the State of Unreal conference at GDC.

An RPG about King Arthur reimagined and totally crossplatform

Kabam Entertainment, a mobile game developer and publisher, announced its RPG King Arthur: Legends Rise at GDC this week. Completely cross-platform and crossplay between mobile and PC, this game will be the first game from the studio to be designed natively for PC. Check out the game's trailer below.

With your team of heroes, King Arthur: Legends Rise sends you on a journey through its reinvented Arthurian world of magical ruins, mythical monsters, and a kingdom of Camelot like you've never seen before. In addition to exploring the vast world with your characters of various classes, you'll be able to rebuild Camelot with a city management system. We'll tell you more about the gameplay in King Arthur: Legends Rise in the coming months.

Presentation of King Arthur: Legends Rise: a release date?

The upcoming Kabam game King Arthur: Legends Rise doesn't have a specific release date yet. However, the studio has already stated that its title will be released this year on mobile and PC, so there are only a few months to wait to be able to test King Arthur: LR upon its Android and iOS release!

King Arthur: Legends Rise announced at GDC

If you want to be the first to know about the upcoming announcements around the game, you can register on the official website before the launch. We can learn more about the release of King Arthur: Legends Rise in the next announcements of the studio in 2023 after the GDC conference.

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