King of Kings pre-registration opens in Asia

King of Kings pre-registration

Dive into a medieval fantasy world with King of Kings pre-registration opening on the Southeast Asian Google Play Store. Let's find out more about Archosaur Games' upcoming PvP and kingdom-building MMORPG.

Archosaur Games opens King of Kings pre-registration

We recently spoke to you about the studio Archosaur Games on the occasion of Noah's Heart beta. Now we're going to talk about another title in development from the Chinese studio with the announcement of King of Kings pre-registration start in South East Asia.

King of Kings is a game that mixes action and strategy in real time in a fantasy world populated by dwarves, elves, orcs, dragons and demons. The action takes place in the kingdom of Vauprus, where you will have to build your city as a leader of the human race.

King of Kings pre-registration: gameplay

You will have to choose your character from more than 20 legendary heroes divided into 5 different factions, each with their own advantages. You can also join clans to participate in large-scale battles.

A game that already seems dated before its release

As King of Kings pre-registration begins to open, the developers have indicated that they have taken particular care with the graphics, including the weather effects and the variety of environments on the map.

However, this is not what you feel when you see the gameplay footage. The art direction lacks personality, the textures are smooth and the visual rendering is really not at the level of current mobile games.

In terms of gameplay, King of Kings looks like a generic MMORPG. The movements seem heavy and the fights lack fluidity. To compare it to another game of the studio, Noah's Heart seems much more complete and displays graphics of a much higher quality.

Of course, we'll have to wait for the official release of the game to be able to really judge its quality, but you'll have understood, I'm not convinced by King of Kings for the moment.

If I haven't put you off too much and you still want to make up your own mind, King of Kings pre-registration is open for Android devices.

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