Kingdom Heart: Dark Road to be released on 22 June!

Kingdom Heart Dark Road game release

A new version of the Kingdom Heart game series will be released on mobile on June 22. Kingdom Heart: Dark Road will be a mix of action RPG and MMO based on a universe at the crossroads between Disney and Final Fantasy.
Developed by the Square Enix studio, this new release is an extension of the game Kingdom Heart: Union X. But don't worry, even if you haven't played the previous game, you can still get into this new adventure!

The game can be played on its own or as an extension of the Union X game.

Find out more about the origin of Kingdom Heart

In this new version, players will discover more about the origin of the series. The gameplay focuses on Xenahort, the usual antagonist. Xenahort believes in the balance between light and shadow.
We will learn about his youth withEraqus, when his heart was still pure. This will be an opportunity to better understand the motivations of this character surrounded by mystery, while also meeting new characters.

For a while, the temporary name of the game was actually known as "Project Xenahort". The official website emphasised that players would be able to play the game from a perspective never before seen.

The official teaser in Japanese.

Kingdom Heart: Dark Road: a first release in Japan

On June 22, Kingdom Heart: Dark Road will be available on Android and iOS in Japan. However, it is not known if an international version will also be released on the same day. Perhaps the rest of the players will have to be a little more patient. Moreover, the game will be free-to-play.

Preview of Kingdom Heart: Dark Road.
On the networks, some of the characters were presented in detail.

Among the characters of Kingdom Heart: Dark Road we already know Xenahort, Hermod, Bragi, Urd and Vorun. Another character named Odin has been invited to the presentations. Older and with a grey beard, he will probably play the role of teacher and guide to this team of young heroes.

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