Release of Kingdom Maker on Android and iOS

Exit from Kingdom Maker

Dive into a colourful and crazy medieval world with Kingdom Maker release on Android and iOS. Create your dynasty and make your kingdom prosper in the new strategy game from Scopely. We review our first impressions in this article.

Kingdom Maker release, Scopely's first original game

Scopely is the mobile games studio behind games such as Marvel Strike Force, Star Trek Fleet Command and the iOS and Android adaptations of the board games Scrabble and Yahtzee. With the Kingdom Maker release, Scopely also presents its first game in an original universe, created for the occasion.

Kingdom Maker is a 4X strategy game, that is to say based on the exploration of new territories, the expansion of your kingdom, the exploitation of resources and the extermination of your enemies.

You must evolve your castle and rule the kingdom to conquer the huge map of Kingdom Maker, which is divided into many areas of varying levels. Whether in PvE or PvP, all players can participate in the battles that take place on the map.

Founding your dynasty and ensuring your descendants

With the Kingdom Maker release, Scopely presents a title that takes the solid foundations of mobile strategy games. However, it shows originality with a light tone and interesting features.

First of all, you have to start your family. Its members are the nobles of the kingdom and have different roles: captain, explorer or merchant. Depending on the genes of the parents, the children get a Noble Quality.

In addition to this, each character can equip 4 abilities and has traits obtained at birth. All of these enhancements increase with each character's individual level.

Exit from Kingdom Maker : family

Later on, you will unlock champions who will bring you multiple bonuses, including siege weapons and additional resources.

Then build your kingdom from scratch and install all the buildings needed to harvest resources and create troops to conquer the surrounding territories.

To progress faster, join an alliance and fight your enemies on a common front. Your alliance members can help you speed up your tasks, from building to research to creating units. This is a fairly common feature in this kind of game, except that here it is not limited and can be used for every action.

Kingdom Maker release: Army

This is for our first impressions of Kingdom Maker release. The game is already very complete, but it will take more time to understand all the subtleties. We will probably bring you a more complete test of the game in the coming weeks to bring you more details on the gameplay of Scopely's game. Kingdom Maker is available for free on iOS and Android

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