Kingdomtopia, a new mobile Idle Game

Kingdomtopia new Idle Game

The mobile game sector offers a wide variety of proposals. Among them are the "Idle Games", which can be translated as inactive games or incremental games. They adapt very well to the environment of the mobile player, who does not need to be too active. Kingdomtopia: The Idle King falls into this category of mobile game and this Idle Game has just been released on Android and iOS. Like Cyprien's game, MakeMoreViews, you can progress while away from your phone.

Joyseed gametribe is the studio behind the game. With a totally different universe and scenario, it had already released Hollywhoot: Idle Hollywood Evolution Parody, another Idle Game. However, this one didn't make much noise and has a rather average rating on the Play Store (3.5/5). So we'll have to hope for better results for Kingdomtopia.

Kingdomtopia : a management Idle Game

In Kingdomtopia, you play as Prince Snow who has the heavy responsibility of rebuilding the kingdom. The kingdom was destroyed when the previous ruler died and it is your duty to bring it back to life. However, the work has a cost. In order to build, renovate and expand your buildings, you need to have a lot of gold coins. It is therefore a real headache to optimise the development of your projects. You need money to build (inn, market, armoury, etc.), but by building, you will get new sources of income.

Kingdomtopia an Idle Game with exchanges
We will have to be tough in business.

In your quest, you will not be alone. Good accounts make good friends and you will have the opportunity to recruit unique NPCs to act as mayors. In addition to teaching you a lot about thehistory of the kingdom, they will unlock new sources of income. But be warned, you don't just have friends in Kingdomtopia: The Idle King. There are also enemies who will try to destroy your buildings and plunder your resources.

Graphics for the general public

Kingdomtopia is an Idle Game that wants to reach a maximum of players. In addition to being free-to-play, it is very accessible with easy-to-understand gameplay. The graphics are also appealing to players of all ages, with each character having the appearance of a friendly animal (rooster, wolf, bull). They give a cartoonish air to this Idle Games which helps to lighten the somewhat serious atmosphere of this management experience.

There is however a small downside. For the moment, there is no French version of the game, so you will have to play in English. We imagine that a French version could be released if the game is successful. But we don't have any more information for the moment! Wait and see!

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