The Lahn Class arrives on Black Desert Mobile and its ocean

Lahn Black Desert Mobile and Scarlet Lily Class

The Pearl Abyss MMO gets a welcome update. This time, two new Black Desert Mobile classes are available: the Lahn class and the Scarlet Lily class. The adventure content will take you on expeditions across the Great Ocean. Ready to embark? We'll tell you all about the BDO update.

Lahn and Scarlet Lily Classes Black Desert Mobile

To begin with, I suggest you watch the teaser of the update proposed by Pearl Abyss.

You'll notice that two new Black Desert Mobile classes make their appearance with the game update. The BDO Corsair class is replaced by a new one. You will now be able to play as a Lahn or Scarlet Lily character.

The Lahn class of Black Desert Mobile fights with a pendulum and a ceremonial sword. It is primarily based on mobility and will be able to intervene or extract itself from a fight in a flash. She also has the ability to fly through the air for a short time. The Lahn fighting style makes the character spin around a lot with various dance steps. I invite you to find the detailed skills on the dev note.

This is what the Lahn fight looks like.

The Scarlet Lily class combines speed of attack with deadly precision. Armed with two Talwars held together by a chain that can be used to combine damage or to bring them back to her for cumulative attacks, the Scarlet Lily class can juggle ranged combat with nearby enemies. Its attack sequences will brutally ravage the ranks of enemies. All of her attacks, such as Eradication and Bloody Charge, can also be found in detail in the dev note.

And this is what the Scarlet Lily fight looks like.

Great Ocean and beyond the maritime horizons

This is a major update to The First Prophet's Room and provides a significant gameplay expansion for Black Desert Mobile in addition to the Lahn and Scarlet Lily classes. The game now has a navigable ocean where anyone can take their boat and sail on it after completing the main quest in North Valencia. This ocean is covered in fog, which you can clear by exploring the main island in each greyed-out location on the map. The Great Ocean has several areas. Some are dedicated to hunting sea monsters and finding buried treasure. Others focus on pirate battles and PvP.

Great Ocean Black Desert Mobile Extension

This Great Ocean expansion offers a new ecosystem to Black Desert and works with its own currency, the Oquilla Coin. You can make a fortune in Oquilla Coins by slaying sea monsters, completing daily quests or delivering fish to NPCs. By the way, areas marked with a blue circle with seagulls offer better fishing rewards and crafting materials, so think about that. To sail, you will obviously need a ship (not necessarily a famous three-masted ship as thin as a bird, but still).

By participating in all the opportunities for activities in this ocean such as treasure hunting , fishing or fighting, you will increase your navigation level and consequently that of your ship. However, your ship's stamina is limited and only resets once a week. Plan your trips in advance to avoid waste! Finally, you will have to play with the wind mechanics which can slow down or speed up your movements if you sail against it or have it at your back. You can become a real pirate!

Finally, it should be noted that the content of the Outlaw Zone becomes permanent, without the game mode.

That's it for this BDO Mobile update! But if you want to loot or test the Lahn class in Black Desert Mobile, make sure you don't miss any bosses with this real-time EU boss calendar.

To your boats, comrades!

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