Release of Laya's Horizon, a game between Lifeslide and SKY on mobile

Laya's Horizon released as an Android iOS mobile game and Netflix

If you've been following mobile games for any length of time, you couldn't have missed Alto's Adventure. This week, the creator of Alto unveils his new game via Netflix Games on Android and iOS. The release of Laya's Horizon on May 2 brings a new relaxing yet dynamic indie title to our phones that I suggest you discover in this article.

Play Laya's Horizon on mobile for its release

Announced in March, the release of Laya's Horizon is obviously receiving a lot of attention since this game was made by Snowman, who directed Alto's Odyssey and Adventure, reference games on mobile. Without a release date at the time, the title has since been unveiled and has just been published on the stores. In game, enjoy gliding in wingsuit with a very special cape. Fans of mobile games will easily recognize the inspiration of the outfits of Sky: Children of the Light for the character of Laya.

Laya's Horizon's graphics, design, sound and atmosphere form a peaceful and enjoyable artistic proposition to explore. In your eternal fall forward, you pass through checkpoints, gain speed, pick up items and traverse various levels. In terms of the dynamism of the descent, the release of Laya's Horizon reminds me a lot of Lifeslide, a game in which you control a paper airplane that goes down virtual slopes at full speed.

Gameplay of Laya's Horizon at its release in Netflix mobile game

Available with all Netflix subscription plans, Laya's Horizon promises fast-paced runs through cartoonish environments. You can test the game now by downloading it via Google Play, App Store or Netflix on mobile.

Netflix Games builds a strong video game catalog

Netflix Games continues to build a mobile games portfolio composed of quality indie games. Among the titles gathered in this videogame catalog, I propose you some must-haves to try at home:

  • TMNT Shredder's Revenge if you like ninja turtles and retro sidescrolling combat;
  • Into the Breach for strategy fans at turn-based ;
  • Skies of Chaos and its intense shooting phases;
  • Narcos Cartel Wars Unlimited to become a virtual drug lord on mobile ;
  • Into the Dead 2 Unleashed designed for horror lovers;
  • Poinpy and its gameplay will delight players nostalgic for the Doodle Jump era;
  • Reigns Three Kingdoms and its swiping adventure;
  • or Terra Nil and its climate awareness despite some problems of adaptation of the mobile port.

Netflix is also moving towards PC and console games in addition to offering mobile game adaptations of its hit series such as Too Hot to Handle mobile or Whatsapp stickers of Telephone Damsels and Valeria. If you're a seasoned mobile gamer, don't miss any news about a new mobile game release by following us on JeuMobi'sInstagram. Or go test Laya's Horizon to make your own opinion on this new title!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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