Apex Legends Mobile new legends leak

Apex Legends Mobile new legends

While season 2, Coup de froid, recently introduced Loba to the roster of characters, we have just learned the identity of Apex Legends Mobile next legends. There are many of them, and several of them will be exclusive to the mobile version. Let's take a look at the leaked information.

Apex Legends Mobile 14 new legends leak

It was via Leakers On Duty APEXM Twitter account that the Apex Legends Mobile new legends leak appeared. While it's common for information like this to leak, it's rare for it to be so substantial. In total, 14 new legends will soon be available in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile new legends : Horizon

Among these 14 characters, there are 8 legends already present in the PC and console version:

  • Crypto, surveillance expert ;
  • Fuse, expert in exuberant explosives;
  • Horizon, gravitational manipulator ;
  • Rampart, the extraordinary handywoman;
  • Revenant, synthetic nightmare ;
  • Seer, ambush artist;
  • Valkyrie, winged avenger ;
  • Wattson, static defender;

Exclusive legends for the mobile version

In addition to these 8 existing characters, we will also have 6 new legends exclusively in Apex Legends Mobile. Currently, only one legend is exclusive to the mobile version: Fade.

The only information we have on these legends is their name, which may be simply a non-definitive code name:

  • DJ aka Rhapsody
  • Amphere
  • Botanist
  • Monkey King
  • Seeker
  • Spider

Of course, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt since nothing has been made official by Electronic Arts yet. On the other hand, another Twitter account, ThatOneGamingBot, has come up with new information about DJ aka Rhapsody with several game elements featuring him, such as his avatar and his Holospray.

The same source also claims that Solo and Duo modes will be included. If this is true, it means that the mobile version will include a single player mode before the original game.

That's it for the Apex Legends Mobile new legends leak. Until they are available, you'll have to make do with the current captions, so check out our best legends tier list to find the one that best suits your play style.

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