Legends of Runeterra: Forces of the Beyond, what's new in the expansion

Legends of Runeterra: Forces from Beyond

The arrival of patch 3.11.0 for Legends of Runeterra: Forces From Beyond features Kai'Sa, Gwen, and Evelynn with a host of new cards that may shake up the LoR meta. Let's take a look at the major new features of this expansion.

An increasingly rich lore

With the Legends of Runeterra: Forces From Beyond expansion, the studio Riot Games continues its lore building around the champions of its games, as we have seen lately with the beautiful animated series Arcane available on Netflix or currently with the Star Guardian event.

The images of the trailer of Forces of the Beyond reveal the three characters who are at the center of the story: Kai'Sa, the daughter of the Void, Gwen, the hallowed seamstress and the agony's embrace Evelynn.

What's new in the Legends of Runeterra: Forces From Beyond patch 3.11.0

As you can see, the new Legends of Runeterra: Forces of the Beyond expansion, will feature new maps related to these three fighters.

New features include Evelynn's Agony's Embrace origin, which allows her to summon a random carcass when she is summoned. Kai'Sa, on the other hand, has an Evolve capacity that gives her +2 attack and +2 hit points.

On her side, Gwen is able to perform a Hallowed. When she dies and for the rest of the game, when the first ally attacks, she gives him +1 attack for the current round. This effect is cumulative for each hallowed unit that dies during the game.

Gwen in Legends of Runeterra: Forces From Beyond

Indeed, in addition to the two versions of each champions, many spells and units related to the lore of the characters will appear in the game with the Forces From Beyond expansion. In total, more than 70 new cards allow you to create new decks around Kai'Sa, Gwen and Evelynn.

That's it for the new features of the Legends of Runeterra: Forces From Beyond patch 3.11.0. Let's hope that this new expansion will give a boost to the card game from Riot Games, which is not able to reach the same success as other games from the studio, like LoL, Wild Rift or TFT.

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