Release of Life Makeover by Archosaur Games

Release of Life Makeover on Android and iOS, dress-up by Archosaur Games

The creators of Dragon Raja and Noah's Heart are back with a new virtual social universe. This time, it's the release of Life Makeover that's making the headlines at Archosaur Games. This new dress-up mobile game will make you a fashion designer on Android and iOS in a free-to-play formula with elegant graphics.

Life Makeover release: Android and iOS gameplay

I've never been much into dress-up games since my parents discovered that someone had introduced me to Ma Bimbo online when I was a kid. So maybe the next game isn't for me, even if it might reconcile me with the mobile dress-up genre. The release of Life Makeover by Archosaur Games brings a breath of fresh air to RPGs.

Start by creating a social avatar you can identify with like a Snapchat filter of yourself, with sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks. Customize your outfits from scratch and stay on top of fashion trends, even when it comes to decorating your little virtual home. Have a party with friends and show off your sense of style with the release of Life Makeover, available for free download on Android and iOS.

Nikki's inspiring success on mobile

When you take a look at Archosaur Games' catalog of games, it's not surprising to learn that they're releasing a new virtual social world. However, clothing fashion seems rather far removed from their usual field of activity. The release of Life Makeover gives the impression of being inspired by the success of the Nikki series of dress-up games on mobile.

Release of Life Makeover en dress up mobile game

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen and Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover were so successful that they will give rise to a complete open-world RPG entitled Infinity Nikki. Given Nikki's success in breaking through the boundaries of the dress-up genre and making its mark on the mobile industry, Archosaur Games' move with Life Makeover is understandable.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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