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Contents of Lost Centuria season 7 and LWC championship

Lost Centuria season 7: Sige and Orochi

Since its release last spring, Lost Centuria has been adding content to enhance the gaming experience. This week we take a look at the content of Lost Centuria season 7: new features, new monsters and legendary skill pieces. There's also a current Halloween theme, additional skins and the heroes Sige and Orochi. And for those who read to the end, a reward awaits!

The contents of Lost Centuria season 7 in detail

To open the ball of this season 7 Lost Centuria, why not start with the Halloween content? Discover new skins for this pumpkin season and a spooky version of the battle map. The backgrounds of the monsters and the main screen are also going Halloween. Here are the 4 skins : Hwa Violent Demon, Soha Succubus, Evil Spirit Hraesvelg and Pumpkinhead Lushen.

season 7 Lost Centuria Halloween skins

Next, let's take a look at the new feature of this season 7, the Legendary Skill Stone Summoning. Tired of never getting the legendary skill stones? Starting with this update to Lost Centuria Season 7, you'll have the keys to do just that. A special summoning menu is dedicated to legendary stones. In addition, you can obtain Legendary Skill Stone pieces by taking part in alliance battles, by obtaining season or event rewards or via the Battle Pass.

Let's move on to the monsters of the season. The new monsters Sige and Orochi of this season 7 are revealed in a trailer.

  • Sige: A heroic Darkness monster of the Attack type, Sige has a Black Moon skill that allows it to attack the enemy in the frontline and apply Impossible Heal, Continuous Damage and Defence Reduction II. On the skill stone side, we'll be able to either boost Black Moon's damage or make its negative effects more devastating for maximum debuff in this season 7.
  • Orochi: A rare tank-likewind monster, Orochi attacks enemies in the frontline and applies Continuous Damage for 3 seconds with a 50% chance per hit with its Hurricane Dance skill. Skill stones for Orochi include an increase in critical damage rate or Continuous Damage duration.

Lost Centuria World Championship and promo code

In addition to the content of this season 7, Com2Us offers players the opportunity to participate in the Lost Centuria World Championship. This tournament will take place on November 7, 2021, just a few days away. Be ready at 9am (GMT+1) or 1 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time for the LWC 2021.

As a standard player not taking part in the event, you will still be able to watch the online final on Saturday. For your information, the winner will take home $30,000. In addition to the great game, you can count on a promo code. All you have to do is enter the coupon code LWC2021SOON before November 7th! And for more gift codes, we have prepared a list of coupons Lost Centuria with a maximum of rewards.

Lost Centuria is available on Android and iOS for free so go and try Sige and Orochi!

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