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Season 2 Lost Centuria : New content and monsters in the 1.2.0 update

Lost Centuria Season 2 Update

Dear Summoners, the first major update Lost Centuria is coming today! Many new things are waiting for you. As we announced in the previous news Lost Centuria, Season 2 of Ranked Combat is coming ! With it, 2 new modes are launched, the World Tournament and the Brawl Mode and 2 new monsters arrive in game ! I detail you all the arrival of the Season 2 Lost Centuria with this update 1.2.0.

2 new modes: World Tournament and Brawl Mode

The World Tournament starts at the same time as Season 2! To participate, you must have reached at least Gold V in Ranked Combat. During the World Tournament period, from 27 May to 3 June, you can only participate once. If you lose more than 5 times, you will be eliminated and your participation in the tournament will end.

World Tournament Lost Centuria

The rules are simple, the level of all cards is adjusted to 10 and the effects of rune sets and skill stones will be applied. But a new mechanic is added, the "Ban & Pick"! Indeed, once the match is over, you will be able to banish up to 2 of your opponent's monsters, and the banished monsters cannot be used in that fight (note that spells cannot be banished).

World Tournament Lost Centuria - monsters ban

The world ranking will be determined by the number of victories accumulated. In case of the same number of victories, the summoner with the most stars will be ranked higher.

Give it your all! Summoners who have reached a certain rank in the final World Tournament standings will be eligible for various competitions in the future. 

As for the Battle Mode, well, it promises a lot of fun! Indeed, you will be given a totally random deck and all the monsters will be level 10, without runes or skill stones. Try it out without moderation, as access is free and you earn Glory Medals and Stars!

2 new monsters: Seara and Zibrolta

2 new monsters will be added to the list of 44 already in the game. They are Seara and Zibrolta.
Seara is a legendary monster with a Wind attribute. His skill allows him to place a Bomb on the lead enemy and deal AoE damage, then speed up the duration of harmful effects placed on all enemies and reduce the duration of beneficial effects.

The other newcomer is Zibrolta. A normal monster with a Fire attribute. His skill allows him to drop bombs on random enemies.

Other new features in Season 2 Lost Centuria

As you can see, there is a new harmful effect that is added with the arrival of Season 2 Lost Centuria: the Bomb effect from which the 2 new monsters benefit.
Also, thespecial summoning thanks to which you will have more chances to get new monsters will be added.
New emoticons are planned, 4 for Seara and 4 for Racuni. New packs will also be available in the shop (Diamond and Master rank pack, Seara's upgrade pack).

Racuni Emoticons - Season 2 Lost Centuria

Finally, like the previous one, this patch brings improvements to the rewards.

  • Legendary monster cards and normal and rare skill stone cards will be added to the Arena chests.
  • The reward for reaching 3,000 or more victory points will be improved from season 2.
  • The reward for failure when encouraging with crystals will be changed. (Normal card -> Rare card)
  • The rewards stars will be available up to 200 times from season 2. (100 times -> 200 times)
  • The repetition reward for 51 or more times will be increased to 500 mana stones. (100 mana stones -> 500 mana stones)

Now you know pretty much everything about the Season 2 Lost Centuria additions ! Enjoy the game!

Source : Notice about the first major update Lost Centuria 1.2.0

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