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Update Raid: Shadow Legends 1.11

update 1.11 raid shadow legends

The 1.11 update introduces several ergonomic improvements, a new game mode and a new debuff that will fill your enemies' hearts with fear! Read our patch description below to find out more:

New features

RAID factional wars

Factional wars

"Faction Wars" is a new game mode, available to players of level 6 and above. A new battle map with 12 crypts is available - only one crypt for each major faction. However, the number of crypts may increase in the future, as more Factions appear in the game. RAID: Shadow Legends. Each crypt has 21 stages and each stage has 3 rounds, much like the campaign battles you have seen before.

A faction war cycle lasts 6 days and some crypts are only available on certain days. The order of availability is automatically set at the beginning of each cycle and is not set in stone.

Currently, crypts are opened in pairs. Note that no Crypt can be open for two days in a row. Therefore, crypts available on the last day of the Faction Wars cycle will not be selected for the first day of the next cycle.

Encryption keys are required to conduct battles between Faction Wars and it is important to note that each encryption key can only be used to access a corresponding Crypt (Banner Lords encryption key for Banner Lords Crypt). Each player receives 12 keys per available Crypt at the beginning of the day and cannot exceed the limit.

In addition to the normal loot, you can earn stars by completing stages and meeting certain requirements (much like you do in the campaign). The requirements are as follows:

  • 1 star: Stage completed
  • 2 stars: At least 3 champions took part in the battle and survived
  • 3 stars: 5 champions took part in the battle and survived


Glyphs are powerful new items that can be used to enhance a specific sub-state of artefacts and accessories. They can be obtained in the Crypts during faction wars. To do so, you must select the desired artifact and access the Enchantment tab. From here you can select a suitable glyph and proceed to Enchant your artefact. The glyph must meet the following requirements:

  • There is a sub-state on the artefact/accessory that can be upgraded by the corresponding glyph.
  • The rank of the glyph is equal to or lower than the rank of the artefact/accessory (rank 6 glyphs cannot be used on rank 4 artefacts)
  • The existing Substat bonus is less than the maximum value that can be obtained via Enchantment.

Each glyph has a certain upgrade range. For example, a CCA glyph can enchant your artefact and add a random bonus between 10 and 15 to its CCA sub-state. The glyph is lost on a successful upgrade. However, if the bonus value does not reach the maximum possible, you can use another glyph to attempt the same upgrade.

There is no limit to the number of enchantment attempts, provided you have the necessary glyphs and money.

Fear and True Fear Debuffs

Some champions can invoke a primordial terror in the hearts of their opponents, whether by magic or simply by being too horrible to look at. If a "Fear" debuff is successfully applied, it will have the following effects:

Fear: When a champion with this Debuff attempts to use a skill, there is a 50% chance that the skill will not activate and the champion will lose their turn.

True Fear: When a champion with this Debuff attempts to use a skill, there is a 50% chance that it will not activate and the champion will lose their turn. The skill they tried to use continues to recharge on CD.

Official source of the update: https: //

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