Marvel Snap release on iOS and Android, the Nuverse's TCG

Marvel Snap released on iOS and Android

Put on your superhero costume for the Marvel Snap release on Android, iOS and PC, Nuverse 's collectible card game in the Marvel universe. We reveal our first impressions of this game with short games and a gameplay that looks very simple, but more complex than it seems.

Marvel Snap release, a dynamic and strategic deck-builder

After a beta last June, Marvel Snap is now released on mobile and PC. Highly anticipated by fans of the Marvel universe, this new deck-building game is developed by Nuverse, a subsidiary of ByteDance.

In Marvel Snap, you must build a 12 cards deck. Each card has a summoning cost from 1 to 6, as well as a power value. In addition to these statistics, some cards have a special ability, which is activated when they appear, depending on their positioning or in reaction to the opponent.

While upgrading your superheroes does not increase their stats, it does evolve their appearance, making the artwork go beyond the frame, and then adding a 3D effect afterwards. Upgrading your cards also increases your collection level and at the same time unlocks new cards.

In combat, some Marvel Snap heroes benefit from a visual effect related to the character, such as a burst of bullets for The Punisher, a laser beam for Cyclops, or undercard reactors for Star-Lord and Iron Man.

Simple and complex gameplay

If you are not used to this kind of game, but still want to enjoy the Marvel Snap release, you should know that the game is much more accessible than titles such as Hearthstone, Gwent or Legends of Runeterra.

Marvel Snap battles take place over 6 rounds. At the beginning of the first round, you have one unit of energy, and then an additional unit each round to place more and more powerful cards. The playing field offers you to place your superheroes on one of the 3 locations, which represent emblematic places of the Marvel universe and apply various effects. Be careful though, as you can only place a maximum of 4 cards per location.

Gameplay of the Marvel Snap release

At the end of the six rounds, the player who has placed the most power on at least two of the three locations wins the game. However, while the rules are extremely simple, the complexity lies in being able to play strategically with the abilities of your cards, as well as those of the locations, which are revealed during the game.

So much for our first impressions of the Marvel Snap release, available for free on iOS, Android and PC since October 18. Although it will take more hours of play to really get the hang of it, the game seems completely playable in free-to-play. In fact, the first Season Pass offered unlocks 5 superhero cards: Ant-Man, Colossus, Ironheart, Gamora and Blue Marvel.

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