Release of MetroLand, a mobile runner by Kiloo Games

Release of Metroland a mobile runner from Kiloo Games

MetroLand, the runner from Kiloo Games (the studio behind Subway Surfers), was recently released on Android. Available only on the AppGallery as a temporary exclusive, this title is trying to make its mark among popular mobile runners.

MetroLand released: a new runner very close to Subway Surfers

Set in a world very similar to Subway Surfers, MetroLand modernises it slightly. Here, instead of running away from the policeman in the station, you run through roads, museum halls, gardens and even building tops. You leave the colourful station and its high-speed trains to confront cars that can come at you from the front or from the side, cleaning robots that block your path, supermarket signs or even elements of a site that is still under construction and on which you must move like an acrobat.

screenshot of Metroland run upgrade
Metroland Android mobile release

As with other runners on the market, this is primarily a handheld game that you can play on the move or at home. However, MetroLand differs from the classics with an energy point system, lootboxes and passive missions, but also by a progressive unlocking of the game content. For example, it will take two days before you can walk on the rooftops, and probably more before you can unlock all the areas available in the procedural generation of your run.

Finally, to test the game, you can install it via theAppGallery or wait until March to install it via the Playstore. MetroLand has already been released on the Appstore in December 2021.

Otherwise, if you're looking for other games in the same genre, I suggest you check out our top mobile runner games or try the innovative Blades of Brim for a few hours.

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