Release of Mighty Doom on Android and iOS, a Archero-like by Bethesda

Release of Mighty Doom mobile by Bethesda on Android and iOS

You know the DOOM license, with its military atmosphere among demons. Today, Mighty Doom is released on mobile and takes up the torch of the license with a port to Android and iOS phones. Discover this cute, bloody, dynamic and nervous title that has no end of demons' blood on your smartphone screen.

Release of Mighty Doom: the arrival of the DOOM license on mobile

After the disappointing release of Lara Croft: Reloaded by CDE Entertainment and Netflix Games, we're more than happy to have some fresh blood in the category of top-down roguelites with successions of small rooms of enemies. Bethesda 's Mighty Doom release takes the codes of the DOOM license, but in miniature, as you can see in the trailer below.

In addition to the Cinematic, this trailer reveals gameplay of Mighty Doom as you can test it at its release. The game features a darker art direction than similar roguelites, with shooting in all directions, control effects like freeze and boss rooms with unique patterns.

Gameplay of Mighty Doom at release by Bethesda

Obviously, the release of Mighty Doom is inspired by the success ofArchero. In any case, Monduz Games' title will be difficult to dethrone, even for Bethesda.

Pre-registration closes and Bethesda's game launches

After an early access in 2021 and a pre-registration phase , Mighty Doom is finally launching worldwide. When the game launches, you'll be able to play as your own miniature Slayer and customize it as you progress.

Release of Mighty Doom in Android and iOS mobile game

Usually, you have to stop moving the character in order for him to shoot, which makes dodging a moment of helplessness and slows down the fight. Upon release, Mighty Doom features more dynamic gameplay. You can shoot, dodge, go over obstacles and slaughter your enemies from all directions, without interruption. The game is available on Google Play and Appstore for free.

Don't give the demons a chance and go test Mighty Doom on mobile for its release! You can tell us what you thought about it on our Discord server JeuMobi.

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