Update 5.4 of War Robots

Update 5.4 of War Robots

New robot: the Leech

Leech is a DPS robot with 4 medium slots.

The robot's ability allows you to connect to a targeted enemy, gain resistance to damage and redirect some of the incoming fire to the enemy.

Event: Yan-Di Showdown

Special cases

Complete your daily tasks, earn tokens, open special crates with powerful loot. You can earn Leech, Behemoth, Phantom and new limited weapons!

Special arena: Yan-di Colosseum.

Fight in 1v1 with Phantom or Falcon on a new experimental map in the first weekend of the event! Two pilots in, one in resort!

New event weapons: Yan-di Pack.

Limited editions of Avenger and Corona - only available during the event!

New legendary drivers

Cormac de Vos (Falcon) and Olga Minina (Phantom), famous robot gladiators from the Yan-di Showdown tournament.

Ergonomics and bug fixes

-Fixed an issue with the connection of the game profile to Facebook

-Fixed problem with incorrect display of driver levels

Fixed a bug that caused Tyr to move slower than expected (Tyr's movement speed should increase)

-Fixed an exploit that caused intuitive Weylands to appear

-Fixed an issue with legendary trophies not appearing in the Commander profile

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