Mobile Games News Recap #102 : the sequel of Mighty Quest, a Persona 5 mobile game...

Game news recap mobile games week march 4

Discover our weekly review of the mobile games news on Android and iOS number #102 which presents you the last news of March 2023! On the agenda this week: gameplay of Seven Deadly Sins Origin, the announcement of the release date of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace, the release of Mighty Doom, the mobile game Persona5X, the announcement of the tactical RPG King Arthur: Legends Rise and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace (Ubisoft x Netflix) to be released on April 18

Let's start this recap with the announcement of the release of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace. Do you feel like you've heard this name somewhere before? That's normal, its little brother Mighty Quest for Epic Lootan action-RPG created by Ubisoft in 2014 has already seduced the PC, console and mobile communities before its complete closure last September. This time, the game is coming back as Rogue Palace thanks to a deal between Ubisoft and Netflix. Take up arms on April 18 on Android and iOS to plunder dungeons populated by deadly creatures.

Release date Mighty Quest Rogue Palace Ubisoft on mobile

Don't forget to place your traps and keep your wealth from the hordes of monsters in the defense phases before returning to the raid to bring back more gold and improve your hero.

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace will be available via your Netflix subscription to offer you a good dose of bloody fantasy action in April. To know everything about the game and discover its trailer, go to our dedicated article.

Kabam Games (Shop Titans) prepare their crossplatform game King Arthur: Legends Rise

Kabam Games, the creators of Shop Titans, Disney Mirrorverse and Marvel Contest of Champions, have announced their new mobile and PC game based on the Arthurian legend. King Arthur: Legends Rise will be a tactical RPG with a squad of heroes to advance in a medieval fantasy universe.

Announcement of King Arthur: Legends Rise as a cross-platform mobile and PC game

Facing immense creatures and bewitched ruins, assemble a group of fearless warriors and create your own legend. King Arthur Legends Rise will be available later this year with full cross-platform mobile and PC compatibility, so we'll keep you posted as soon as we receive the official announcement of the game's release date! In the meantime, check out all the info on the King Arthur Legends Rise announcement in our full article or take the time to watch the reveal trailer at GDC 2023.

Announcement of a spin-off Persona 5: The Phantom X mobile game for the Chinese market

SEGA and Perfect World will soon offer a new Persona 5 game for smartphones reserved for the Chinese market. Persona 5 The Phantom X mobile will be the first Persona 5 mobile game with a brand new group of characters. In-game, the player will play as a normal student who goes to class and enjoys the student life, and engages in Persona battles all night. For now, it's not clear if Persona 5 The Phantom X mobile will get a global launch, but if it does, you'll find out very soon on JeuMobi.

New Marvel Snap Conquest mode added

Marvel Snap was incredibly successful in 2022 and is looking to keep its players on their toes in 2023 to avoid having them leave for the competition. In addition to monthly content updates, Nuverse's TCG is getting a new competitive mode called Conquest and unveiling its official roadmap.

In the coming months, we can expect an improved card acquisition system, a revamped token store, a better ranked mode, advanced deck customization, global matchmaking and even Marvel Snap guilds. It's not too late to check out this dynamic MCU-inspired card game if you haven't tried it yet.

Release of Starborne: Frontiers a sci-fi and gacha MMORPG on Android and iOS

Studio Solid Clouds unveils this week the soft launch of Starborne: Frontiers. Its space sci-fi MMORPG is coming to mobile and will feature a PC version later in 2023. In 400 years, big business rules the universe and the rest of the known world is in chaos.

But it's up to you to create a space fleet that will overthrow the established order in PvP or co-op. Join an alliance, forge strong bonds, and take back control of the constantly warring void of space populated by galactic pirates. Starborne: Frontiers is available now for free on Android and iOS.

PvE arrives in War Robots with the Grey Swarm Extermination mode

Climb aboard your best MECHA for the arrival of PvE in the shooting game War Robots. With its new Extermination mode, Pixonic's mobile title sends you out to take down robot spiders with every gun on earth. You can see the Cinematic launch of the Extermination War Robots mode below.

As part of its 8.8 update, War Robots unlocks PvE by offering a mode with waves of creatures from the Grey Swarm to slay. The Extermination mode is divided into several levels with loot and the rewards will grow in proportion to the difficulty of the challenge.

COD Warzone mobile enters limited release in Sweden and elsewhere

We're still waiting for Call of Duty Warzone mobile to be released in Europe, but Activision decided to take a first step in the right direction by launching the game in Sweden, Norway and Chile in a limited release. The game's team spoke about the soft launch and said that the US, Brazil and India, as major markets for the game would access Warzone mobile last due to their too large scale of players to handle. Meanwhile, the Call of Duty Mobile FPS is rolling out its Season 3: Rush on phones, much to the delight of players.

Release of the audio game Project Dark

Close your eyes and enjoy my sweet voice in ASMR. If you like this meditative experience very pleasant for your ears, you will surely like the game Project Dark which has just been released on mobile. Inspired by the books you are the hero of, this 100% audio game invites you to create your own adventure with your eyes closed, provided you understand English.

This isn't the first game to do this as other titles like A Blind Legend have already been successful in this indie niche. So plug in your headphones and dive into the medieval-fantasy darkness of Project Dark on Android and iOS without further delay.

Launch of Solo Leveling's website: Arise

Netmarble is preparing many game releases to enrich its mobile, console and PC catalog in 2023. Among them, Solo Leveling: Arise is obviously highly anticipated. So, Netmarble takes advantage of the excitement of the video game industry this week to publish the official presentation site of Solo Leveling: Arise. Very well designed, the site simply presents the latest announcements and does not yet allow to pre-register for the future crossplatform title.

Seven Deadly Sins Origin gameplay video at GDC 2023

Scheduled for release on mobile and PC, the Seven Deadly Sins Origin game unveils some of its gameplay at GDC this week. I'll make it simple: the cut scenes are stunning, the world and creatures look really gorgeous on screen and the combat promises excellent gameplay. Basically, the 7DS Origin gameplay trailer shown at GDC confirms that this game deserves all its current hype.

The release date of Seven Deadly Sins Origin has not yet been revealed by Netmarble. On the other hand, we already know the release horizon of other major titles of this publisher in 2023. According to the Netmarble release schedule, we will be able to discover Meta World: My City, Grand Cross W and Tower of God: New World in the first half of the year before testing Solo Leveling: ARISE or Arthdal Chronicles towards the end of 2023.

Sid Meier's Railroads pre-registration opens!

After the strategy games Company of Heroes and Total War: Medieval 2, Feral Interactive invites you to try Sid Meier's Railroads soon. Become a railroad tycoon with this railroad management simulation released in 2006 on PC. Even if this mobile adptation is a bit dated, I know that some of you will join the pre-registrations that have just opened.

After pre-registration, Sid Meier's Railroads puts you in control of a railroad company, in charge of laying train lines, creating freight and passenger tracks, and choosing from a wide variety of means of transportation, from steam locos to the never-on-time French TGV. And once you've built up your portfolio, all that's left to do is buy out the competition, develop patented inventions and dream up the railroad of your dreams.

Artificial intelligence dominates GDC 2023

The speeches at the Game Developers Conference 2023 are one after the other. However, some topics are at the heart of all the discussions, and in particular that of artificial intelligence. Ubisoft, Epic Games, King and even Roblox have only this word on their lips to extend their influence on the industry.

Soon, AIs will create virtual worlds themselves from command lines, the personalities of your favorite NPCs, the background noise of soundscapes in future open worlds and even the writing of stories. With all the current advances, we thought it would be a good opportunity to take stock of AI in the future of video games in a dedicated feature we're trying to prepare for you next month.

Release of Mighty Doom on mobile: the arrival of the cult FPS in Archero-like

This is not Bethesda's first try on mobile. This time, it's the Doom license that comes with the release of Mighty Doom on Android and iOS. This Archero-like game is a dynamic and nervous take on the pioneering FPS video game license. But, like Tomb Raider: Reloaded, Mighty Doom takes the strengths and weaknesses ofArchero without fundamentally improving them.

The grind is very very present and the progression is not rewarded enough to enjoy the game without feeling stuck after chapter 4. Mighty Doom is still a good pocket game to take out from time to time, but save your tryhard spirit for other mobile releases that will be more worthwhile.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat opens in closed beta

Nero and Dante are back in the news in mobile gaming. The launch of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat's closed beta last Friday brought the demon-hunting license to the forefront of the mobile gaming scene. In a sublime and aggressive fighting style, explore the dark world of Devil May Cry with a host of well-known and original characters in single or multiplayer if you are one of the lucky ones selected for this closed beta phase; if not, you'll have to wait a little longer!

Square Enix's FMV The Centennial Case: A shijima Story is coming to mobile in spring

A small nugget among Full Motion Video games, The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story presented by Square Enix would arrive this spring on Android and iOS. Over the course of a full century, solve mysterious murders directed by Koichiro Ito known for his work on Metal Gear Solid 5.

In 1922, 1972 and 2022, retrace the history of this very addictive game in Scenario, Reflection and finally Conclusion phases to discover the complete scenario of Yasuhito Tachibana for this FMV drama. Available since May 12 on all other supports, the Square Enix title will soon arrive on mobile.

Release of the Voice of Cards trilogy by Square Enix on Android and iOS

Originally released on PC and consoles in 2021, the Voice of Cards trilogy of card games also from Square Enix is finally coming to phones with a surprise release this week. With talented creators with experience on NieR and Drakengard, this trilogy comes with a free demo prologue chapter to discover how the game works.

Very original in their approach, Voice of Cards games use cards to reveal the story told by the game master, the world to explore and the battles to fight at turn-based . With three members of the White Order at your service, go on a quest for the stolen royal treasure from card to card and episode to episode to test for about ten euros on Android and iOS.

Closing of Tales of Asteria, the little forgotten Tales Of

There's no end of game closures in 2023. But next to big titles like Apex Legends mobileBattlefield mobile, Hitman or even Autochess MOBA, the closure of Tales of Asteria didn't do as much damage. Bandai Namco ended the life of this Tales of game active since 2014 on May 18, 2023, after more than 9 years of good and loyal service. I hope you have said goodbye to the several hundred characters in the game if you were nostalgic and enjoy the other Tales of episodes on mobile.

Registration opens for the closed beta of Wuthering Waves

It's the start of beta sign-ups Wuthering Waves after the game was announced in May 2022. If you want to be among the first players to explore this post-apocalyptic world populated by mutant creatures, you can sign up for the beta tester list on the game's official website since March 21.

The Wurthering Waves closed beta will start on April 24th and will invite selected players to take their first steps in an open world equipped with power-ups to boost their power in this hostile environment to explore.

Partnerships of the week

Among the partnerships that have marked the week, Square Enix has the most points with two major collaborations. First, its game Octopath Traveler benefited from original Nier Automata content, then it's Brave Exvius which offered itself an internal collaboration with Final Fantasy 7 Remake to propose new units.

Apart from Square Enix titles, LifeAfter has put forward exclusives in partnership with Le Petit Prince and PUBG Mobile has taken the opportunity to raise its quality by a few decibels with a Dolby Atmos collaboration in order to offer better immersive sound to its players.

The point'n click adventure game Beyond the Wall is available for 3 euros on stores

Available on Android, iOS and PC, the point'n click adventure game Beyond the Wall is out on stores this week for 3 euros. Created by the Czech studio Rocking Toy, this little indie game takes you in the footsteps of your childhood curiosity beyond the garden wall, into a wonderful world full of puzzles to solve. The strange world beyond the wall is not the territory of the white walkers but is full of strange anthropomorphic animals to meet right now in Beyond the Wall.

Rumors of Counter Strike 2 on mobile ?

Announced for this summer, the competitive shooter Counter Strike 2 has been the talk of social networks around its release. More marginally, some people wondered if the game would also be released on mobile given the popularity or hype around games like Call of Duty mobile, Valorant Mobile, Warzone mobile or even Payday Crime War.

While we don't have the answer to this question, there are rumors of a potential mobile release after spotting the term mobile in leaked code on Twitter. This obviously feeds the rumor of a potential CS 2 port to a mobile game, yet there has been no confirmation of such an adaptation yet and it could mostly be residual code from Valve's mobile games like DOTA Underlords or the card game Artifact in Source.

Unreal Editor for Fortnite brings the game into the metaverse

The metaverse and the blockchain were everywhere six months ago and today we only talk about AI. However, Epic Games has not said its last word about creating a metaverse and intends to prove it with the arrival of its Unreal Editor for Fortnite.

In the trailer of this UEFF, we can see a variety of universes that will constitute the islands of this virtual galaxy, with a reward economy for the creators. What is sure is that the Sunday tinkerers will be able to have fun with a turnkey world creator and a new programming language called Verse which should help them to give life to their imagination.

Mobile game birthdays to celebrate

This week's list of anniversaries to celebrate is a busy one, with four major titles highlighted. In ascending order, Mythic Legends celebrates its first year of existence, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius blows out its third candle, AFK Arena celebrates its 4th birthday, and PUBG mobile releases a stat-filled video for its 5th. If you're looking for a game with a solid content history, any of these titles deserve a spot on your phone.

New trailers Call of Dragons before the release of the game

To conclude this recap, I propose you to discover images of the new trailers of Call of Dragons. The MMORPG from Farlight Games, which will be released in a few days, reveals its various types of units and terrains that you can discover in-game. By the way, the location of your base will influence its appearance and the Behemoths you can meet. I won't tell you more as you will find it in a few days in our next video.

In next week's recap, we'll tell you about the new underwater zone of Tower of Fantasy 2 .4, the peaceful and ecological game Terra Nil, the release of Call of Dragons and many other news to discover next Sunday!

More mobile gaming news this week

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news! If you missed last week's news, our previous recap #101 was about the racing game Ace Racer, the arrival ofHyper Light Breaker on iOS, Project G which will be the next strategy game from NCSoft and much more to find in our news.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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