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Mobile games news recap May 2023 issue 108

Discover our weekly review of mobile gaming news on Android and iOS issue #108 which presents you the news of May 2023! On the agenda this week: the release of the card game Pokémon TCG Live, finally some news about the mobile adaptation of the shooter PayDay Crime War, a good dose of fun on the stores with Dumb Ways To Die 4 and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

Release of the mobile game Pokémon TCG Live in June

Let's start this recap with the arrival of Pokémon TCG Live in June. The Pokémon Company's card game will launch on June 8 on PC and mobile while ending its beta and the popular TCG Online service. You will be able to retrieve all your progress with your Trainer Club account and enjoy the game's visual update. Pokémon TCG Live will be available for free on Android and iOS in full version and will convert the entire fanbase of collectors and competitors Pokémon on mobile.

Payday Crime War pre-registration opens

Get ready for the heist of your life with Payday Crime War. The mobile adaptation of this FPS license from PopReach that was in early access in Oceania and Asia for a while is finally entering pre-registration on the stores. In both PvE and PvP, load up your weapons, swing your skills and charge into the action with your unique heist man. Android players can already pre-register for Payday Crime War while those on iOS will have to wait a little longer to be among the first to test the game in Europe.

Dumb Ways to Die 4 released on Google Play and App Store

Old-timers will be familiar with the Dumb Way to Die game series or the music that goes with it that you may have been obsessed with on TikTok. Intended as an interactive experience to raise awareness of the dangers around trains by the Australian Metro in Melbourne, rail safety has finally resulted in a hit game full of silly mini-games that already has several games behind it. This week, it's Dumb Ways to Die 4, released on Android and iOS. Make your beans survive, unlock new areas and keep dying like a jerk in this 4th opus available for free via Google Play and App Store.

Release of the mobile strategy game Against War on Android and iOS

Let's leave the train stations behind and take time to a medieval era. Asobimo's Against War strategy game is released this week with its very first season. For pre-registered players, it's time to get your rewards pre-registration. And for the others, you'll have to work on your progression pass by winning a maximum of 1v1 duels. Set your strategy from the 90 illustrated cards in total that will be used to compose your personal deck of 24 cards. You can discover Against War in free-to-play on Android and iOS.

Bugsnax comes to iOS

If you're the kind of person who likes to get into collecting anything and everything, you'll probably like to try Bugsnax on iOS. Although its release date has not yet been announced, this creature collecting game has been teased for a port to Apple devices.

We don't have much more info at the moment but we'll keep you posted, and developer Young Horses has said they'll be saying more soon. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that Bugsnax's Snaktooth Island was imagined by the creators of the Octodad game and that an Octodad game has just arrived with a tsunami of new titles on the Apple Arcade.

Laya's Horizon released as a Netflix game on mobile

Mobile game subscription services are in great shape and Netflix continues to expand its game library. The release of Laya's Horizon confirms Netflix Games' important position as an indie game publisher. This title from Snowman, the developer of Alto's Odyssey crosses inspirations from Sky: Children of the Light for his character's outfit and Lifeslide for his free-fall as he glides ever further.

Pass through hoops, collect points, and fly free at full speed on your phone. Experience the magical world of Laya's Horizon with your Netflix subscription via Google Play, Appstore or your Netflix app.

Leaks Honkai Star Rail 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3

On the JeuMobi Discord and in half of the known world, mobile players have already offered dozens of hours to the god Honkai: Star Rail. For the new players already addicted and those who are starting to test this gacha RPG by HoYoverse, we have some news to announce. There have been leaks about the upcoming 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 updates. First, we learn that there will be an addition of chat, a 3rd weekly boss and new puzzle systems.

Then it's the turn of the banners to be leaked with Jing Yuan in the line of fire, but also Silver World and Luocha for the 1.1, Kafka and Blade for the 1.2 and Fu Xuan accompanied by Dan Heng for the 1.3 version. It's not too late to take the Astral Express on the road and embark on a solo cosmic adventure in Honkai: Star Rail available for free on Android and iOS

War Legends, a fantasy RTS launches its beta registration

The strategy genre is in the spotlight this week. In addition to the release of Against War, we have War Legends, an RTS pumped on Warcraft available via Testlight on iOS and on Google Play for Android players in some regions like Russia or the Philippines. In PvP, create your army, develop your base and go beat up other players during the game's beta with your best VPN. Participate in the campaign, unlock units of different races and become a conquering beta tester in War Legends, for the horde!

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town

And if you want work, more work, you can also leave the guns in the driveway and become an American frontiersman in The Oregon Trail: Boom Town game released this week on mobile. Put on your period clothes: life in the fields begins today on Android and iOS. Available for free, this title from Tilting Point will make you a farmer and manager with fields, buildings and settlers to establish your town.

As in other Farmville-style games, meet the demands of the locals to generate money and upgrade your farm into a powerhouse. Raise your animals and string together harvest cycles as you keep your colony thriving in The Oregon Trail: Boom Town.

Captor Clash pre-registration launched this week

Fans of games like Dungeon Fighter Online will surely be interested in the opening of pre-registration for Captor Clash. This side view RPG by Fireland Games features PvE battles in different game modes and competitive PvP in 1v1. Collect heroes and form a strong team to defeat all enemies. Collect rewards, improve your warrior composition stats and progress continuously. Many beta testers have recognized the quality of the character design, especially the waifus, as well as the accessibility of the game. Captor Clash has not yet announced its release date but you can already pre-register for the game on Play Store.

Closing Moonlight Sculptor, the MMORPG from NetEase

Attention, we are coming to the chapter of closures of the week. While we said goodbye to Princess Re: Dive this weekend, during the week it was Moonlight Sculptor that closed its doors as planned. The open-world mobile MMORPG has left a little goodbye message on its official website to sign its departure from the app stores after two years of good and loyal service.

The developers express their gratitude for having a great community and say they did their best to expand the game's content in interesting ways. Again, no particular reason is mentioned, but one can imagine that the game just didn't have the expected fanbase in the long run. In addition to the closure of Moonlight Sculptor, the closure of Love Live School Idol All Stars has been announced for June 30.

Mia and the Dragon Princess FMV release

Let's go now to a somewhat niche genre: the FMV mobile games. This week, Mia and the Dragon Princess, a Full Motion Video mobile game, lets you follow the adventures of the waitress Mia with famous actors who have played in Doctor Who or The Witcher, a follow-up of your choices during the narration and ultra dynamic action scenes.

Pushed into the heart of a surprising plot by an unknown girl, you will have to do your best to unravel the mysteries of Mia and The Dragon Princess alone or with your community in Streamer mode to reach one of the 10 potential endings. The game is available on Android and iOS for free but you will have to pay 5 euros to access the full game.

Release of Eden Eternal

Blockchain and NFT lovers, the release of the week in this niche is called Eden Eternal. X-Legend Entertainment had launched its pre-registrations not long ago and is finally launching its 2011 retro MMORPG to test in free-to-play on Android and iOS.

The game's 5 races, guilds, and different regions that made it so popular are back with a little blockchain twist to get the community to farm. If you're interested in the game, I hope you've managed to get as many rewards as possible with the pre-registration sponsorship and that you'll have success with your NFTs for the release of Eden Eternal in addition to enjoying the game.

Star Wars Anniversary on May 4

The public took advantage of Labor Day to rest, but another day in May marked gamers and geeks around the world. I'm talking about May 4, which is Star Wars Day. On this occasion, there was a compilation of cult cuts from this universe distributed by Disney, but also partnerships in video games, such as in Fortnite, to honor Anakin, Luke Skywalker and many other iconic figures.

20 new Apple Arcade games

May 4 is already behind us so put away your lightsabers and get ready for the tsunami of games coming to iOS. The Apple Arcade subscription is unveiling about 20 new games for May including Farming Simulator 20, TMNT,, Temple Run, Very Little Nightmares, Getting over It mobile and Kingdom Two Crowns. If you haven't tried Apple's service yet, that's 20 more reasons to try it. Find the full list of games on the official Apple Arcade subscription service website.

Wild Rift 4.2 update

Wild Rift, which has shifted its focus from its western esport scene, is offering a 4.2 update this week with the announcement of several new champions. Ornn, the Blacksmith Under the Mountain will be the first to rock the Summoner's Rift with his strikes. Then the polar cold will arrive with Volibear and the call of the blood will ring out when Swain comes into play.

Patch 4.2 doesn't mess with these devastating characters and brings another change, that of an elemental dragon. The new ice dragon will feature an icy terrain with a speed boost on jungle and river walls and icy fruit to freeze enemies in the blasting cone. To know in detail all the additions of this update, go to the full patch notes on the official website of the game.

Partnerships of the week

The partnerships that marked the week come from very different horizons. Street Fighter teamed up with Devil May Cry while Genshin relaunched its collaboration with Pizza Hut. In parallel, Fortnite unveiled Star Wars content but also leaked a partnership with the cosmetics brand Revolution Beauty. Finally, Seven Deadly Sins is collaborating with Mushoku Tensei and Shironeko Golf is getting Neon Genesis Evangelion content, which marks a big start for partnerships in May.

Call of Duty board game announcement

We're moving beyond pure mobile gaming with the news of the crowdfunding of a Call of Duty board game. Scheduled for launch this fall, the Kickstarter for Call of Duty the Board Game will serve to crowdfund a board game. On the board, sightlines intersect with 3D figures, obstacles and game missions. Games will be played in 2v2 for the $50 base game and additional packs will expand campaigns to 4 players, but not much more is known at this time. If you're interested in the game, put some money aside to be one of the first backers this fall and find out more about CoD The Board Game in our dedicated article.

Release date Aether Gazer

Among the announcements that have marked the last few weeks is the release date ofAether Gazer. This post-apocalyptic sci-fi title will be available for free on May 23 on Android and iOS. Rather than repeating myself every week, I propose you to take stock just before and after the release to see your hype then your feedback on the game.

Season 4 of Hearthstone Battlegrounds arrives

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is a popular Hearthstone mode that has kept players interested since its launch and even made its way into our top native mobile games. The start of its season 4 on May 9 marks the arrival of a new hero, the Rockmaster Voon, and new minions in addition to the adjustment of some keywords. The pool of available minions will change dramatically. But while waiting for things to stabilize on Hearthstone, you can take a look at the TCG Marvel Snap and its new season with the heroine Nebula.

Reigns-like NeuroNet: Medax Proxy to be released on mobile this year

The cyberpunk visual novel called NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy has just been released on PC but mobile players will have to wait a little longer. Based on the same mechanics as the Reigns series, which I recommend you try if you're not familiar with it, NeuroNet Mendax Proxy mobile puts you in control of an AI in charge of making decisions for the future of the city of Catena while making sure its citizens don't challenge the superior AI.

Just like in Reigns, the more you can balance the 4 public powers the longer you will survive and be able to progress the story. I love this kind of game and will keep you posted as soon as we get a release date for NeuroNet.

Your purchases via the Supercell Store at 10% off

Supercell has just released its Supercell Store, which allows you to go outside of the App Store and Google Play to make your purchases of game items. Instead of buying your Supercell gems, pass, coins or diamonds from the game apps, go through the new Supercell Store to pay less. You'll get 10% off your premium purchases as studios like Supercell start using store sites to avoid Google play and Appstore fees on in-app purchases.

Rally Horizon released on Android

Car games have had some great releases lately with CarX Street in open-world, Hover League and its daily challenges, or the crazy races of Ace Racer. This week, the game Rally Horizon is released on Android. In addition to the usual races, race on circuits plagued by bad weather or test the Stunt mode to do tricks.

Be careful though because your progress is only local and not saved in the cloud. So if you uninstall it, it's over!Rally Horizon is a game from Graypow that can be played even offline and has no announced release date on iOS yet.

Recommendations of the week

Let's move on to the recommendations of the week. This is the second edition of this column so don't hesitate to give us suggestions of your best mobile games in comments that we could share with the community.

As a premium mobile game, I feel compelled to tell you a little about Monument Valley. This series of two mobile games, each priced at 3 euros, is LARGE worth your time and a little of your money. Evolve in levels with impossible geometry, lead the silent princess at the end of each path by manipulating the world around her.

Walk on the ceiling, distort the roads, align incredible elements in the void and create more and more platforms to lift the veil of mystery of Monument Valley with its crows and its totem. The puzzles are well thought out, the AD is just beautiful and you'll spend several excellent hours discovering everything in a universe you won't forget.

This week's free mobile game is a complete change of atmosphere with Mini Tennis, a tennis game offered by Miniclip for free on Android and iOS. All in 1v1, draw your phone every day to become the champion of the court. Learn to master all the shots, timings and possibilities of the game thanks to an excellent grip in 6-point matches.

The advantage of the game, besides being a good little sports challenge, is that the 2-3 minute games are always intense and you can play as much as you can without running into a single ad. If you're looking for a tennis simulation with a good feeling close to reality on mobile or a nice game to have on your phone for rainy days, Mini Tennis is your best friend.

More mobile gaming news this week

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news! If you missed last week's news, our previous review #107 was about the release of Honkai Star Rail, the arrival ofOmega Strikers, an underwater open-world published by NetEase and much more to be found in our news.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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