Recap #158: What's new this week in mobile JV?

JeuMobi mobile games recap with Solo Leveling Arise and Sonic Mania

In this week's recap #158, we take a look at the week's must-have mobile games releases, mobile news and pre-registrations/test phases you won't want to miss.

Settle in, as we do every Sunday to bring you the week's mobile games news! On the agenda: the release of the ARPG Solo Leveling Arise, as well as a whole host of new games in the Netflix catalogue, not to mention rumours about Zenless Zone Zero and a whole host of other news.

Mobile games releases of the week

This week has been rich in release announcements, with many games now available on the stores:

  • Release of Solo Leveling: ARISE: Test your QTE dodging skills in a variety of dungeons as the ARPG based on the original webtoon arrives on Android and iOS.
  • Release of the spin-off Royal Revolt: A Trader's Tale: Use every possible marketing strategy, test your skills in mini-games and build your team of heroes to gather the resources you need for your shop on Android and iOS.
  • Release of The Enchanted World for €4: This puzzle game has you sliding from the fantastic scenery in every possible direction to progress. The first few levels are free, and the rest can be unlocked with a full purchase on Android and iOS.

In addition to all this, there was the release of the tactical game Oaken for 7 euros, the release of Dice Flight, the release of the RPG Power Rangers: All Stars, the release of Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games and the release of Solar Knight on 24 October.

Mobile games pre-registrations and announcements

In addition to the recent releases, we have a number of other test and pre-registration announcements in stock this week.

  • Pre-registration for Battle Tabs: Go head-to-head in turn-based battles with 24-hour rounds. You can take on your friends, unlock skills and try to climb the leaderboard.
  • Apple Arcade games for May: Rabbids: Legends of the Multiverse, Return to Monkey Island+, Tomb of the Mask+, Fabulous -Wedding Disaster+.
  • Netflix announces 5 new games: Sonic Mania Plus on 7 May, Braid Anniversary Edition on 14 May, the original Paper Trail game on 21 May, Netflix Stories: Virgin River on 29 May, and the pixel art platformer Katana Zero.
  • Announcement of Caracoles: In this 100-player racing game, you bet on your slug of choice, the one you control or the one controlled by others.

The MASK and Monolith project games are announced and Feral Interactive (Hitman, Tropico, GRID...) teases a new mobile game with a mysterious tweet.

Other news from the mobile games industry

The mobile JV industry has other news in store for you this week:

  • HandyGames Showcase on 2 August: THQ Nordic announces its Digital Showcase 2024 for 2 August at 9pm. For mobile games fans like us, there will be a pre-show led by HandyGames, the guys who brought us SpongeBob SquarePants - The Cosmic Shake, and the 2024 Showcase will take place on Youtube, Twitch and Steam.
  • The British government refuses to get involved in video game archiving despite a petition from gamers.
  • Hi-Fi Rush 2 and Dishonored are gone forever with the closure of Arkane Austin Studios (Redfall), Tango Gameworks (Hi-Fi Rush, The Evil Within), Alpha Dog Studios (Mighty Doom) and Roundhouse Studios, whose teams will join those of ZeniMax Online Studios.

See you next week for a recap of mobile games news!

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