Mobile Games News Recap #91

Mobile Games News Recap January 2023

Discover the weekly recap of the mobile games news on Android and iOS issue #91 to start the year well! On the agenda this week: the RPG Eversoul release by Kakao Games, the arrival of Marvel Snap season 4, the Project D trailer, new anime adapted in mobile games and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

RPG Eversoul release on Android and iOS

Let's start this recap with the RPG Eversoul release from Kakao Games. Collect Souls and gather the most beautiful team of heroes in this highly anticipated gacha RPG in Asia. Like Cookie Run: Kingdom, Eversoul offers you to upgrade your heroes, fight creatures in PvE, but also other players from around the world.

And, in parallel to your battles, you can develop your own city and interact with your Souls to better discover them. Each Soul has unique skills and belongs to a specific faction, so it's up to you to learn how to combine their powers, even if there's no French translation.

Discovery of the Project D trailer

Announced more than a year and a half ago, the RPG Project D planned for mobile and PC is finally revealed in a trailer. We discover its colorful world, its climbing dragon or even flying squirrel mounts to explore the land, air and sea of Project D.

This universe invites to dream, a bit like Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds before its launch, and offers dynamic single or multiplayer battles with giant bosses to defeat. The combat animations are less busy than some other Asian games, and we can't wait to see what this cooperative RPG in an enchanting world will finally give.

Danmachi Battle Chronicle announced for Android and iOS

This is not Danmachi's first mobile adaptation, as some of you may know Memoria Freese. This week, the production committee of the license has just announced a new mobile game, Battle Chronicle with a classic idle RPG system, automatic combat and a Battle Royale mode.

The set will obviously use the progression levels of the anime. Without exact release date for the moment, Danmachi Battle Chronicle is scheduled for spring 2023 in Japan. To know more about it, I redirect you to our article about the Danmachi Battle Chronicle announcement.

HunterxHunter mobile released in China

There is a lot of news in Asia for the beginning of 2023. Even if some games are closing here, like Mitrasphere or Bravely Default: Brilliant Light, Japan will soon have Danmachi Battle Chronicle and China can access the HunterxHunter mobile early access exclusively.

As in the original anime, we find the six major mental abilities and the main characters like Gon, Kirua or Hisoka. The trailer shows 3D fights that look ultra fluid, a character switch at Genshin Impact and according to the official website of the game, you can even team up with dozens of other hunters to face world bosses.

Currently in early access on Android and only in China, HunterxHunter mobile is also eagerly awaited on other continents for its official release.

Marvel Snap Season 4: Savage Land

After the season 3 Cosmic Power, Marvel Snap launched this Thursday its new season very bestial entitled Savage Land. This season 4 brings with it new cards like Sauron, Shanna, Dazzle or Shadow King. Always available via the collector or the store, these 4 new cards will arrive gradually throughout the month of January.

Marvel Snap season 4 Savage Land Cards

In addition to the new Season Pass that allows you to unlock more than 20 new variants, we note the arrival of 5 new locations, all more dangerous than the others like the Altar of Death or the Collapsed Mine. Find all the details of the new features in our article on Marvel Snap Season 4.

Launch of the Illustrated game on Apple Arcade

The result of a collaboration between many artists, the mobile game Illustrated is released this week on the Apple Arcade service. A relaxing puzzle game with never-before-seen illustrations filled with original details, Illustrated invites you to take the time to rediscover puzzles in a new light.

It's up to you to recreate the painting from the artist's sketch and a few personal words to introduce his work. Illustrated is to be discovered exclusively on iOS. And for beginners, we always start at the edges!

Genshin Impact exceeds 4 billion in revenue

While waiting to tell you about the next patch from Genshin Impact in a future article, this week has seen several big news for Hoyoverse. First up, Genshin Impact reached 4 billion in revenue thanks to in-game spending by players.

Little advice, if you are part of the addicts who spend a little too much, try to make a tour on Silly Wisher which we talked about in the previous review to desensitize you a little.

Then, the first Genshin Impact art exhibition is held in Paris for a few more days. From January 3 to 10, Hoyoverse's Endless Adventure in Teyvat invites the virtual into the real at the Galerie Joseph. Original stories, character creation processes, a complete map of Teyvat in miniature, and even the most beautiful fan creations are presented in a dedicated space.

Get a mental exercise with Romot

If you've been caught up in the Wordle wave for the past few years or love games like Word Pro, you'll probably enjoy varying the formula for a slightly different mental exercise. The game Romot has just been released on iOS and Android, although it still needs to be perfected on Android. Despite a very simple interface, it offers a pretty good challenge.

Romot, guess the word every day

The goal of the game is to guess the word of the day by entering words of similar meaning. I still haven't found today's word, but you guys are probably smarter than me.

Created by a solo developer who asked us to present his game, Romot will easily become part of your collection of small daily challenges for those who like to rack their brains.

The sequel to Suzerain announced

Released in early December on mobile, the narrative and political RPG Suzerain offered you to be the leader of the country of Sordland. This week, the developers announce the sequel, a title focused on propaganda.

Return to Sordland with The Conformist, a title that invites you to control propaganda, make difficult decisions, make allies or enemies among NPCs and maintain general order after the civil war.

This title makes every choice more difficult since you also have a family to keep safe and every political choice you make could put them in danger.

You need a good level of English to play Suzerain properly, but if you like narrative games with tension, I recommend the free Reigns or Lapse series or the excellent and timeless Papers, Please!

The global version of the MMORPG TS Project will be offered by Com2Us on mobile

For those who like more fighting and discovery than reading about a static game, an MMORPG will soon be published internationally by Com2Us.

Developed by Game Tales, a Korean studio whose developers have already worked on games like Blade & Soul 2 or Terra M, the MMO Project TS is already promising in its development.

Made with the Unreal Engine 5, this title will offer a massive open world, advanced customization possibilities, boss fights and a lot of other activities to discover in the next trailers.

Apex mobile season 4 postponed until Valentine's Day

Apex Mobile has had a great year for its entry into the dynamic FPS Battle Royale market. And, in addition to thanking its players, the game's official account also announced a delay for Season 4.

The developers need a few more weeks to work out the bugs in the new content, and it's likely that Season 4 will not be released until Valentine's Day.

CRSED Cuisine Royale comes to Android

We told you about it on Wednesday in our top mobile games of January, CRSED: Cuisine Royale is now available on Android. This battle royale adapted to mobile offers you to choose among 6 characters who each have their own power, like in Apex Legends.

Accumulate enough souls with kills to transform yourself into a Nordic hero and punish your opponents from the skies. If you want to play a PUBG Mobile with a little less seriousness and a little more magic power, CRSED Cuisine Mobile is a must try.

Eggy Party beta, NetEase's battle royale in the UK and the Netherlands

Even with Stumble Guys winning awards this year as a pure Fall Guys copy on mobile, other studios are ready to get their piece of the pie. After a successful launch in China, NetEase's battle royale Eggy Party is bringing its closed beta to the UK and Netherlands.

Unless you are selected and use a VPN, you will not have access to it for the moment, but we hope for a wider soft launch for Europe in the coming months.

Tower of Fantasy New simulacra Annabella

From January 12, the new Annabella simulacra will be available in Tower of Fantasy via the new banner. In the official trailer, we discover a young woman expert with a sniper rifle and ready to fight.

With this new fire simulacra, you can shoot a distant monster with great accuracy as well as inflict great area damage at short and medium range by varying the types of explosion. Annabella is a must have in your mix and I hope you have some red nucs left in your bag to try to get it.

PUBG Mobile launches its own music label and a partnership with Bruce Lee

Since our previous recap, PUBG Mobile has launched its own music label called Beat Drop. Tencent Games has already promised its players that they can expect amazing collaborations with renowned artists and small indie nuggets.

With the path set by games like League of Legends, it's no surprise to see PUBG Mobile move even further into music after its virtual K-pop concert and the creation of its virtual band Power 4. Easily the best recent creation between mobile games and music goes to Marvel Snap's Hero video made in collaboration with Martin Garrix.

Pucca Puzzle Adventure pre-registration opens

If Adibou has had his chance on mobile, there may be a place for other heroes of our childhood. Pucca is back in the spotlight with the opening of pre-registration for Pucca Puzzle Adventure, his match-3.

The young mute delivery girl madly in love with her favorite ninja Garou comes to mobile with her friends in a colorful match-3 to defeat the forces of the evil Dong-King. You'll soon be able to experience Pucca Puzzle Adventure on mobile with bonus reward if you participate in the pre-registration phase on Android and iOS.

Epic Ape Madness to be launched progressively, starting in the UK

Epic MMO Ape Madness launches in the UK as part of its progressive release. Customize your monkey and take on the streets of the dangerous city of Apepire.

Epic Ape Madness, an MMO full of monkeys

With no humans in sight, the apes arm themselves and fight each other in PvP or slaughter creatures in PvE. Underneath this cover of originality of a monkey world, the preview of this game looks like any other MMO and you'll have to test it to get a better idea of the depth of this simian theme.

Stardust League pre-registration opens

The RPG Stardust League opens its pre-registration this week on Android. This title takes the main features of Genshin Impact, its anime style and dreamy atmosphere. In Stardust League, explore the varied biomes of its colorful world to gain power and dominate the hero ranking.

Clear the dungeon levels one by one, defeat the bosses and unlock new unique characters. With no current release date, Stardust League has already captured the attention of some of the mobile community.

Heroes Never Die! RPG goes to pre-registration

To finish this recap with a touch of originality, Heroes Never Die! launched in pre-registration this week on Android. In-game, death is worth as much as life to strengthen your fighting power.

With each death, you can reincarnate a new hero and build an elite team that adapts over the course of the game. The character classes are pretty standard, but Heroes Never Die! will really have to prove itself after the pre-registration phase when it is released.

More mobile games news each week

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news! If you missed last week's news, our previous recap #90 was about Warframe Mobile, the Assassins Creed Jade gameplay leak, the Kingdom Heart: Missing-Link beta and much more in our news.

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