Mobile Games News Recap | Week of October 31 to November 6, 2022

Mobile games news of the week November 2022 week 1

Discover the weekly review of mobile games news on Android and iOS for the week of October 24 to 30, 2022! On the agenda this week: a PvP mode between friends for Marvel Snap, news about Sims 5, Warzone mobile, the agenda of the next releases and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

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The Sims 5 Mobile: Project Rene

Let's start this week's recap with a glimpse of the upcoming Sims 5 game on mobile. Currently in development and in the test phase, the title from Electronic Arts is called Project Rene. First leaked by some job offers at Maxis for phone game development, Project Rene would allow to play The Sims in multiplayer with friends and even in crossplay.

In the short preview of the game put online by the publisher, we can see the return of the color wheel in this preview, a feature that has been much demanded since the release of The Sims 4. In any case, the future of the Sims license will be on mobile and PC with the long-awaited title The Sims 5, with no release date for the moment.

Marvel Snap PvP with friends

Released just over two weeks ago, Marvel Snap is a big hit, as evidenced by the $2 million in revenue generated in its first week. As a competitive TCG, the title still suffers from the lack of community features. But this will soon be corrected, as the game's road map reveals a duel mode for friends, a Marvel Snap multiplayer mode with friends, which should arrive before the end of the year, as well as the possibility to play non-classified games.

Roadmap Marvel Snap - Friend Mode

In the further future, more social features are expected, like the guild system and new emotes. Finally, Second Dinner promises more in-game events, new competitive modes, as well as mythical map variants.

Tik Tok Made me Play It

With over a billion users, TikTok is now one of the most influential social networks. And since video games are the biggest money-making sector in entertainment, it makes sense that the platform is interested in this market, just like Netflix games.

Tik Tok Made me Play It

This is already the case in a way with the Nuverse studio, which is also part of the ByteDance group. With TikTok Made Me Play It, the trend-setting social network aims to support development studios in their communication. The idea is to create hype around their games before their launch, as well as active communities that will share content after the release. While the applications of this initiative remain unclear, it will be interesting to see which publishers will be the first to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of this new way of advertising.

COD Warzone mobile multiplayer mode

With the opening of pre-registration for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, the title is probably one of the most anticipated games on phones. As the first phase of test has just ended, a screenshot taken on the alpha server has surfaced.

The leaked image reveals, in addition to the Battle Royale mode, a Warzone multiplayer mode for Call of Duty in a more classic style, in which players will have to progressively unlock equipment for their weapons, such as sights, camouflage and various accessories. No official announcement has been made yet, but rumors speak of a more open beta by the end of the year, so keep following our recaps so you don't miss anything!

Kakao Games mobile game release schedule

On its side, the South Korean studio Kakao Games has just revealed its financial balance sheet and with that, its release schedule until the end of 2023. The most expected games are probably the MMORPG Odin: Valhalla Rising, scheduled for the beginning of 2023 in Japan and for the end of next year worldwide, and the gacha RPG Eversoul, which will be released in global version in the first quarter of 2023.

Finally, Ares: Rise of Guardians will only be released in the second quarter of 2023 in Korea, and therefore not before 2024 in the rest of the world. To discover the rest of the Kakao Games release schedule, please visit our detailed article on Kakao Games mobile releases.

Release of Zoroark Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite welcomes a new fighter with the release of Zoroark, the fifth generation darkness-type Pokémon . This red-maned, bipedal fox is a fast-paced melee attacker with combo-based gameplay. When his abilities hit a target, they can be looped back and inflict maximum damage. Highly effective in solo and lane play, Zoroark shines in teamfights thanks to its Unity ability that makes it immune to crowd control. To know all the abilities of Zoroark in Pokémon Unite, please visit our dedicated article.

The Past Within, Rusty Lake with multiplayer co-op released

Developed by the studio Rusty Lake, The Past Within multiplayer was released this week on Android, iOS and PC. In this point-and-click game, collaborate with a friend to gather clues and solve puzzles. In terms of gameplay, The Past Within sends one player into the past, and the other into the future.

Communication will be key to completing the game. So, choose a trusted friend to embark on the adventure of The Past Within and unravel the mystery of Albert Vanderboom. Available for about 3.50 euros on PC and mobile, this indie nugget translated into French, English, Spanish and German offers an excellent gaming experience despite its limited lifespan.

Ark Legends soft launch

Much less dark than the previous game, Ark Legends makes its soft launch debut in Canada and Indonesia. Having tested it already a few months ago, this adventure RPG on mobile really holds a lot of promise graphically even if it lacked content at the time.

Today, the content is much richer and you will have many places and characters to discover before reaching the end of the story. Quite classic but visually refreshing, Ark Legends is a gacha with a hundred characters, a story or lite mode and PvE dungeons to farm equipment in a pleasant setting, but you'll need a VPN to access it.

King of Fighters Survival City announcement

In a previous review, we talked about The King of Fighters Arena, the next game of the cult versus fighting license, expected for mid-November on mobile. Well, today, it's another game of the franchise that is making the news: The King of Fighters Survival City. In command of the emblematic characters of the series, you will have to face the NESTS company that wants to dominate the world with its army of zombies. For the moment, we have no information on the gameplay, but the developers have stated their desire to keep the charm of the original games of the license.

Information TFT Set 8 and Patch 12.21

With two weeks to go before TFT Worlds on the 7.5 set, Riot Games has just rolled out the TFT 12.21 patch. Without major changes, this update mainly modifies the Light items and brings the gunner buff in addition to the three tiers of the All Different augment.

In parallel, the front page news of the game concerns the announcement of the first info of the set 8 TFT. Already named Attack of the Monsters, this new season will add new traits and champions. The augments will also get a mechanical overhaul to focus on a single champion.

Honor of Heirs pre-registration opens

After the release of Dekaron G, a new MMORPG is making news in mobile gaming. Announced by X-Legend Entertainment, the game Honor of Heirs is entering pre-registration. After removing the sword from the rock, gather your team of proud knights as in Kaamelott and go in search of the Grail, accompanied by the wise counsel of Merlin, son of a demon and a maiden. Even if we all know that he took more from the virgin.

However, as the heir to power, you will be able to exchange your in-game wealth for HONCO tokens to put in your WEMIX wallet since Honor of Heirs is a play-to-earn game. Get ready to join the round table as the release date for Honor of Heirs is scheduled for late November.

Symbiogenesis Project: Square Enix NFTs

Scheduled for PC and mobile in spring 2023, Symbiogenesisis Square Enix's new NFT project based on the Ethereum blockchain. Like a gacha RPG, Symbiogenesis offers you to complete missions to advance in the story and unlock characters in the form of NFT.

All we currently know about the game's storyline is that it will question players about the distribution and monopolization of resources, which is quite ironic when you see the energy that blockchain systems consume.

Aether Gazer in 2023

Initially scheduled for the end of 2022, the worldwide release date ofAether Gazer has finally been pushed back to 2023. This action RPG developed by Yostar Games, the creators of the game Arknights, will make you wait a little longer before getting your hands on its futuristic dystopian universe.

The developers posted a note on Twitter indicating that they wanted to postpone the launch ofAether Gazer to ensure a better quality of gameplay at release. And, for the worldwide launch, we already know that the written translation will be available in French in addition to the voice-overs in English and Japanese.

10 Rovio games in development with Angry Birds Next

Less disappointment and more promise, at least that's what Rovio plans to do with 10 new games in development to strengthen its catalog. The Finnish studio behind the Angry Birds license revealed more about its plans in a message to investors about its third quarter revenues. Ten mobile games are listed as being in production with:

  • Moomin Puzzle and Design, a casual puzzle game that should be released soon.
  • Hunter Assassin 2, the sequel to the successful game,
  • Hunter Heroes in multiplayer, based on the same license,
  • an Angry Birds RPG,
  • an Angry Birds Novel that will probably be a choice game with a visual novel background,
  • Bad Piggies 2, the sequel to the first title,
  • three mysterious games made by subsidiaries,
  • and finally, the most awaited of all, the Angry Birds Next game which will mark a turning point for the license and for Rovio by also being released on other supports than mobile while remaining crossplatform.

Bound by Blades Trailer

Unveiled this week in a trailer, Bound by Blades is an action-RPG scheduled for 2023 on Android and iOS. Published by independent distributor Assemble Entertainment, this colorful title focuses on tense boss battle phases. Simple to pick up but increasingly demanding as the adventure progresses, Bound by Blades can also be played in co-op with two players to learn the patterns of the ugly bosses together.

Choose from three different fighting styles, crack your build and try to save the world of Ashmry in 2023, alone or with a friend to carry your stuff.

Genshin 3.2 and 3.3 update

After the massive leaks of last week, Genshin Impact is back on its feet with the release of version 3.2 and the first information about the 3.3 Genshin update. In 2.2, players can finally discover the end of the Sumeru Archon quest, the characters Nahida and Layla, a new boss and other unique events.

But 3.3 should shake things up even more with a permanent TCG mode called Genius Invokation. Almost totally PvE, this mode will not offer any PvP rewards and aims to remain as casual as possible, without competition, the opposite of the strategy chosen by titles like Marvel Snap.

Release of Viking Gods

Get out your drinking horns and get ready to rebuild Asgard in Viking Gods. A free game released on Android and iOS this week, this idle clicker sends you to pull Asgard out of ruin by rebuilding the 9 realms room by room to stave off the eternal Ragnarök.

With your team of cartoon gods, fight to recover treasures, restore resource production and form the most heroic group possible. You can even take part in PvP or reset your world by saving bonuses, all to an original Viking rock soundtrack.

Fortnite x Ralph Lauren Partnership

Among the collaborations that marked the week, we discover Fortnite x Ralph Lauren by offering skins from the Polo Stadium collection, emblematic of the field of aviation and auto racing in the 90s. For the occasion, a solo tournament without construction is organized, in which you must win the most points in 3 hours to win the best rewards.

On the other hand, during the whole month of November, Sword Master Story is hosting again a crossover with the light novel series KonoSuba. Rediscover the main characters of the series, such as Darkness, Aqua or Kazuma. This partnership also marks the arrival of a temporary dungeon, which can be visited five times a day to win numerous rewards.

Six years after the release of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, Konami has released the game's impressive numbers. In total, the game has been downloaded more than 150 million times, players have competed in more than 6 billion duels and collected a whopping 77.7 billion cards.

To celebrate this success, the number 7 is honored in-game, with rewards free to players, including a dark prismatic wizard card, various tickets and 777 gems.

Goodbye Onoma - Square Enix Montreal

First bought by Embracer Group for $300 million and then renamed Onoma with a new visual identity a few weeks ago, the former Square Enix Montreal studio is finally closing its doors. Among the productions stopped, there are mainly Tomb Raider Reloaded, a Space Invaders title and Avatar Generations. According to rumors, the closure is part of a larger plan by the Embracer Group to move away from mobile and cut costs at the company. In addition to the end of life of the Onoma studio, we learn that a Stranger Things project has also been cancelled in another studio of the group in Montreal.

CMA investigates Microsoft's Activision Blizzard King buyout

While Saudi Arabia and Brazil have decided to accept Microsoft's takeover of Activision Blizzard King without a hitch, the United Kingdom has decided to look into the matter. After an initial study of the potential impact of this deal on competition and control of the Call of Duty license in the video game market, the British CMA decided to investigate in depth.

And the European Commission could also get involved. Since Microsoft had until October 31 to provide reassuring evidence to the commission, but nothing was returned, the European Commission could decide to continue its investigation and perhaps block the deal.

A Pikachu named Zorua - disappointment Pokémon GO

We conclude this recap on a small note what the fuck with the incredible disappointment of a player Pokémon GO. When he launched his account in 2017, this particular Japanese trainer named UltipZ_ingress had decided to capture ONLY Pikachus. Nothing else. But in November 2022, 5 years later, all his efforts were wiped out by the Halloween event.

A wild Zorua, disguised as Pikachu, managed to slip into his Pokédex. Psychologically destroyed, he turned to Twitter and decided to abandon his Pokémon GO account despite all those years of hard work. But with the kind support of Twitter, for once, UltipZ_ingress finally takes over his account the next day to build a second life as a trainer.

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news! If you missed last week's news, our previous recap was about Age of Empire Mobile, a private beta Valorant, the release of a highly anticipated MMO on phones, and much more.

If not, consider checking out our list of new Android and iOS games of the moment.

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