Mobile Games News Recap | Week of August 1 to 7, 2022

Mobile games news recap August 2022 week 1

Discover the weekly recap of the mobile games news on Android and iOS for the week of August 1st to 7th, 2022! On the agenda this week: the beta of Rainbow Six Mobile, the release of Golden Bros, hackers Genshin Impact, new content from Supercell and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

New mobile games and announcements of the week

There's nothing like a quick roundup of the week's mobile game releases to make sure you don't miss any of the many important news and announcements on Android and iOS.

Full release of Golden Bros from Netmarble (3v3 and NFT)

Let's start this recap with the release of Golden Bros, a play-to-earn PvP action game offered by Netmarble in worldwide release this week. In a style close to Brawl Stars, Golden Bros highlights its colorful graphics and its very accessible casual gameplay. Games take place in 3v3 in different game modes with a roster of 9 characters currently available.

You control your character with a virtual joystick in portrait mode and you can't move when you shoot. Golden Bros. is currently available on Android, iOS and PC and plans to accumulate many fighter costumes to expand its NFT collection.

Rainbow Six Siege mobile pre-registration announced

On the testing side, it's Rainbow Six Mobile that's been making news this week with a bit of teasing. In addition to the tweet from the official account to get the hype going, Ubisoft's game has released a trailer to launch its pre-registration on Android.

In addition, we learn that pre-registering via the Playstore will hopefully allow you to be part of the beta testers of the test phase of Rainbow Six Mobile this fall. We'll tell you more about it as soon as we know the exact launch date of this mobile beta R6.

Fate/Grand Order released in Europe on Android and iOS

7 years after its launch in Japan in 2015, Fate/Grand Order is released in Europe. Based on the lore of Fate/stay night, the title will ask you to complete 7 quests to save humanity. Despite the years this game mixing visual novel and tactical RPG has aged really well. Visually, it remains acceptable despite some dated animations, but it is especially its gameplay that has stood the test of time. Under its anime graphics is hidden a well-tried fighting system with a random selection of cards at each turn that will force you to constantly adapt your strategy to make the best possible combos.

Release of Card Crawl Adventure, a dark and lonely roguelike

There's nothing like a good game of cards for a successful summer. But if you too are hiding behind your closed blinds instead of sunbathing, a darker card game might appeal to you. A new opus in the Card Crawl license, Adventure is a game that takes all the solitaire roguelike know-how of its creators. By making bloody card combos and choosing your deck additions carefully, experiment and develop your own strategy to defeat all your opponents in the darkest taverns of the kingdom.

The House of Da Vinci 3 and Hindsight released on iOS

Among this week's releases, there are two iOS exclusives. First of all, we discover The House of Da Vinci 3, a puzzle game with small complex machines on the theme of inventions and quite a lot of object manipulation available for 6 euros, then Hindsight, a narrative title that will make you travel in the childhood memories of a young woman while interacting with her story for 5 euros on the AppStore. If you are looking for a poetic, narrative and recent title, I advise you to test Before Your Eyes available with your Netflix subscription released a few days ago.

An aborted mobile WoW project at NetEase

According to Bloomberg reporter Schreier, a World of Warcraft mobile project has been abandoned internally at NetEase. With over 100 employees on this mysterious Project Neptune, one suspects that the title had some ambition. But only Warcraft Arclight Rumble seems to have survived the production difficulties of the Warcraft license since, remember, a Pokémon GO-like game in the Warcraft universe was also cancelled. This WoW MMORPG project on mobile will have occupied many people for 3 years without hope of seeing the light of day.

Exit of Descenders

Among the games that have managed to reach the end of production, we find Descenders, which is being released on mobile this week for 12 euros. A bike riding game on mobile in procedural slopes, Descenders will push you to seek more and more adrenaline by taking risks and performing complex tricks with style. Already a success on other platforms, this title hopes to find its audience on mobile with a premium model as a guarantee of quality. So pick your team and hit the risky slopes of Descenders this summer.

PAKO Highway in early access - car chase on highway

If you're looking for a new mobile runner this summer, PAKO Highway has just entered early access worldwide. On an endless highway, don't get caught by the obstacles and collect as much boost as possible in your crazy race. Driving the car of your choice, with several models to unlock and upgrade, drive through big cities or open roads at the beach while listening to the radio of your choice. With very simple gameplay and a well thought out atmosphere, PAKO Highway will make a good, no brainer pastime for those looking for an original runner with multiple levels.

Elemental Raiders in beta

Another play-to-earn game in this review, Elemental Raiders makes its mobile debut at the same time as Golden Bros. Here, the strategic gameplay may remind you of Lost Centuria as it mixes combat at turn-based with gacha, a card-based power system, and a strong PvP orientation. This game uses the blockchain for a mix of genres between TCG, battle and strategy games at turn-based. Primarily PvP oriented with its Arena mode, Elemental Raiders also works with weekly reset PvE raids.

Major Android and iOS updates

New releases are always fun, but the best thing is that mobile games live as long as possible with quality content. For that, it is necessary to go through frequent and original updates, so I invite you to discover the updates that have marked this first week of August 2022.

Season 3 of Diablo Immortal and new content every two weeks

Let's move on to this week's updates with the announcement of season 3 of Diablo Immortal. This season, named Aspect of Justice (which is rather comical when you consider the justice concerns at Activision Blizzard), doesn't bring much new content, with two temporary events and a Battle Pass change, but the developers have assured that they will offer additional in-game content every two weeks to keep players interested over time. In the meantime, the Wrathful Invasion event will take place daily at noon to collect bonus rewards and the Hungry Moon event will be held from August 12-15.

Season 38 of Clash Royale

Finnish studio Supercell is in the news again this week with two of its most famous games. First of all, Clash Royale players were finally able to discover the content of season 38 of the game, entitled Clash of the Past. With a retro design, this season 38 is placed under the sign of the origins since it is the Barbarian cards that are honored with a boost. On the cosmetic side, you can unlock the skin arcade tower and an exclusive pixel-art emote. Discover all the details of rewards of the Clash Royale season 38 and the temporary challenge Lance barbares in our dedicated article.

2 Clash of Clans mini games to celebrate its decade of existence

Also from Supercell, we discover this week two Clash of Clans mini-games with a retro atmosphere. In the theme of its fake documentary on the genesis of Clash games, Supercell offers Clash and Clash Dash, respectively a platform game based on Super Mario Bros and a racing game based on Mario Kart, all with the humor and the universe of the Clash license. Despite some touch control problems, you can play these two games from the 80s and 90s from Clash of Clans via the arcade terminal at the edge of your field or simply via the browser. By the way, some smart guys have already found two codes to make your games easier, just like in the old days.

Brawlhalla x AC - partnership of the week

Not a week goes by without a major collaboration between two licenses or two brands in the mobile gaming world. This time around, the partnership between Brawlhalla and Assassin's Creed is noteworthy, allowing Ezio Auditore to join the colorful mobile action game as the 56th legend and celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Assassin's Creed license. As a crossover character, Ezio is available for 7200 in-game gold.

CoD mobile season 7 Vision City

After its air content, Call of Duty mobile launches its season 7 Vision City on the theme of the series Ghost in the Shell to be found on Netflix. On the menu of this season, the new futuristic city map Vision City founded by a strange mega corp, a redesign of classes in Battle Royale and drops of cybernetic implants against robots in PvE to boost your games with a new game mechanic. You can find the details of this season 7 in our dedicated article.

The esports and industry news on mobile

Finally, let's leave our point of view as mobile game consumers to look at the news that has directly affected video game studios or the esport mobile sector in the last seven days.

In jail for selling Genshin cheats

After the police custody for playing PUBG mobile in Bangladesh, why not go straight to the jail box Genshin Impact? If you haven't heard of this case, it involves three individuals convicted by a court in Shanghai for selling 40,000 cheats Genshin Impact to the tune of about $300,000 over the period from October 2020 to May 2021. Given the loss of revenue for Hoyoverse and the negative impact on the game's balance between normal players and cheaters, the Xuhui District Court is demanding a sentence ranging from 1.5 to 4 years in prison for the 3 troublemakers.

At the same time, Hoyoverse is also attacking SKYSCORE who would have made ads on WeChat for its game Song of the Castle in the Sky using images from Genshin Impact to deliberately deceive players. Some studios definitely don't shy away from anything!

Dates of the CoD Mobile World Championship 2022

To keep up with the Call of Duty mobile trend and conclude this recap with a dose ofesport, I suggest you discover the details of the CoD Mobile World Championship. In addition to the usual regions of Latin America, Europe, North America, and Japan, India has its own major region slots in the world tournament this year. The playoffs for each region will be held over three weekends starting August 13th and will see up to 40 teams compete, including well-known names like Nova Esports and Tribe Gaming. The competition will take place live at home before the start of international hostilities at the end of the playoffs to compete for the $2 million cash prize.

Thanks for reading this far and we'll see you next week for a new mobile news back!

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