Mobile Games Recap | Week of 11-17 July 2022

Mobile games news of the week 3 July 2022

Discover the weekly recap of the mobile games news on Android and iOS for the week of July 11 to 17, 2022! On the agenda this week: the release of Saint Seiya Legends of Justice, the beta of a monster hunting game, a T3 Arena tournament and much more to discover in this recap. It's the beginning of the summer and we're waiting for the Gamescom for the big announcements, so this week is quite light in news.

1️⃣ Let's start this recap with the release of Saint Seiya: Legends of Justice. A new Idle RPG gacha of the license, the title is made by Wanda Cinema Games. Available on Playstore and App Store, this adventure once again uses the codes of the licence and reaches 2 million pre-registrations for its launch. By choosing from among the 88 available knights, form the most powerful team possible and try to rescue the goddess Athena and challenge the twelve golden knights.

2️⃣ If you want a more monstrous epic adventure, you can look to a new Dauntless-like mobile game. After several closed testing phases this year, Yeager: Hunter Legend's beta will finally open its doors to the general public before the end of July. This monster hunting game by IGG has built up a hype around its bestiary, pets and epic atmosphere thanks to some pretty badass weapons. As with other titanic hunting games, the more you chain together your moves the more powerful and impressive your combos will become until you can take down the most dangerous creatures.

3️⃣ With the success of The Lord of the Rings Call to Arms, the LOTR license has a bright future on mobile. It won't be long before Tolkien's universe gets a new smartphone expansion as The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth launches in playtest in the Philippines. On paper, it is a strategic RPG at turn-based with PvE, story and PvP content. However, according to the first gameplay images, neither the graphics nor the gameplay are up to scratch at the moment and the game suffers from long loading times.

4️⃣ Last weekend we were treated to the first T3 Arena Invitational tournament. Titled Tap Tap All-Stars, this competition was held in the game's typical 3v3 format in 3 minute games. With XD Entertainment at the helm of the tournament, we saw 4 teams compete against each other until the tight final played in 5 rounds which crowned team Aleta's Avengers. With this, it is hoped that the title can start to develop its own little scene esport.

5️⃣ Keeping with the theme, it was Nova Esports who won the Wild Rift Icons 2022 last weekend. In the final against the J-Team, Nova Esports dominated the competition after knocking out the favourites Fun Plus Phoenix in the play-in. As a result, you will soon be able to discover skins Nova Esports on Wild Rift as the team wins $640,000 and the right to choose which champions will wear their colours, as is the case for the League of Legends Worlds.

6️⃣ Fans of collectible pets, you'll soon be able to discover Dragon Trail Hunter, which is well and truly scheduled for release in Europe. Set in the paradisiacal lands of Star Island, you play as a new hero in a story similar to the first Dragons movie. Searching for answers to your father's disappearance, you stumble upon a fire dragon egg in a clearing near your village and begin to explore the world. You can make friends as well as enemies from the wild creatures you encounter and must save your tribe from the clutches of the dragons that beset them.

7️⃣ No need to put so much pressure on yourself with Rumble Jungle, a colourful free-to-play arcade multiplayer game. Imagine a PvP multiplayer Pong on a circular arena where everyone has their own piece of land to defend. Well, it's called Rumble Jungle and it's available for pre-registration now for short, mobile-friendly game sessions. Well, it's called Rumble Jungle and it's available for pre-registration right now for short game sessions adapted to the mobile format.

8️⃣ On the side of new content on previously released games, we discover the new Smash Legends. Named Maya, this heroine is similar to Overwatch's D-VA and joins the game as the 28th playable character. With a healthy dose of mobility, Maya charges at enemies and leaps across the field while using her robot fists to fend off opponents. You can unlock Maya in the Smash Pass once you reach stage 10. Meanwhile, the Summer Festival continues until August 8 and Duo Touchdown mode makes its official debut with a Payload to escort in 2v2.

9️⃣ 117th hero to join the ranks of Mobile Legends, Fredrinn steps into the fray. As a tank and fighter, he appears to be quite broken with his HP regeneration when dealing damage and his energy stack. His turn damage can even be converted to HP if he attacks enemy units. Fredrinn is expected to land within the next month as he is still in development on the advanced server, but expect to see him land on the standard servers soon.

🔟 On the Industry side, Lilith Games is shining its business strategies by surpassing 2 billion in revenue with Rise of Kingdoms since the game's launch. In June, the company's revenues reached $44 million. In addition to these great numbers, the historical strategy game is currently enjoying a partnership with the Pawn Stars show in a YouTube video where Rick and Corey participate in challenges with two Rise of Kingdoms-themed youtubers.

1️⃣1️⃣ To conclude this recap in a sweet and poetic way, we're celebrating the third anniversary of Sky Children of Light, which has been providing a unique setting for fascinating mobile adventures for several years. So why not take advantage of this summer to discover the still glowing Season of Burst.

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