Mobile Games News Recap | Week of July 18 to 24, 2022

July 2022 mobile games news recap week 4

Discover the weekly recap on the news of mobile games on Android and iOS of the week of July 18 to 24, 2022! On the agenda this week: the announcement of 3 new fighters Pokémon Unite, the class change on Diablo Immortal, the fire of the dragons Games of Thrones in augmented reality, the arrival of the patch TFT 12.13, news of Warframe mobile and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

New games and announcements of the week

Like every week, I'm going to detail all the mobile games news, starting with the major releases and announcements that made some noise on the internet or IRL. So let's discover those major licenses like Game of Thrones, Warframe and Honor of Kings and the smaller games that are in the spotlight at the end of July.

Fire and steaks in House of Fire: DracARys

Let's start this recap with an application dedicated to dragon lovers. If you're all fired up at the idea of having your own fire-breathing flying pet, you'll surely appreciate the idea of House of Fire: DracARys. This augmented reality app was just announced at Comic-Con along with the trailer for the new series. Created by HBO and Warner Bros. the DracARys application will be used to promote the Game of Thrones prequel, House of Fire, which will be released on August 21 on HBO. In-game, you will be able to feed your dragon, take a picture of it and make it breathe fire by pronouncing the magic formula. The application does not have a release date yet, but it could coincide with the prequel's release on August 21.

Announcement of the internal test of Warframe, still in production

Announced a year ago, Warframe Mobile is finally making news at TennoCon 2022. The game has been testing internally for some time and will open its doors to a part of the community for open play phases test before the end of the year. So far, work on Warframe Mobile has focused on crossplay and crossave to provide a hybrid experience across media.

Worldwide release of the MMORPG Chimeraland

Level Infinite finally releases its MMORPG Chimeraland on Android and iOS worldwide. The magical world of Chimeraland is populated by legendary creatures inspired by Asian myths that you can tame to better survive in this hostile environment. Using the Devour feature, you can absorb the power of the creatures you capture and explore an open world filled with chimeras.

Launch of Noah's Heart in several European countries, as planned

At the beginning of July, the studio Archosaur Games had announced that Noah's Heart would be released progressively in European countries from July 14 to 28. And the promise is kept, but we still have to wait a bit in France. As we know that many of you are waiting for it, you should not lose patience. It is the last straight line before the release!

Honor of Kings in closed alpha in global version in Mexico

While Arena of Valor continues to make its way in Europe as a mobile MOBA, its big brother Honor of Kings will finally be released worldwide and compete with its own Western adaptation. With no release date yet, Honor of Kings Global is currently in closed alpha in Mexico and preparing for its arrival in other regions. Well... personally, I'm more looking forward to the open-world Honor Kings teased several months ago rather than a new MOBA on the global market.

Fantasy Town release

Lord of Arsendal, take your place in your kingdom on Fantasy Town. Learn to manage your lands, serfs and livestock to lead a peaceful life. Between mini-games, lord life, city customization, dungeon exploration and protecting your city, the cubic world of Fantasy Town on Android and iOS offers you multiple activities. The game is not revolutionary but if you are in need of low poly gacha you may have a good time alone or in guild.

Trailer of Kingdom the Blood

Another announcement of the week, the game Kingdom: The Blood based on the eponymous Netflix series is revealed in a trailer. The Action Square title mixes zombies and hand-to-hand combat and is set in medieval Korea. As for the story, the game will have ten chapters at its release that will retrace the first two seasons of the series. To learn more about the gameplay, please visit our dedicated article, but know already that there will be no automatic movement!

Pre-registration opens at Aether Gazer

On the pre-registration side , Aether Gazer opens the ball on Android and iOS. This A-RPG with a sci-fi universe and anime graphics is close to other successful titles like Honkai Impact 3rd. In the 22nd century, humans have uploaded themselves to their computer system in space. You will play as a team of 3 fighters in a gacha system to thwart the darkness of this world. Without an official release date, the title from Yostar Games still has an official website with a countdown to August 13th. It's hard to know if this corresponds to the final release date or if the goal is to push users to sign up quickly, so see you on August 13th to find out!

Pre-registration for Project Winter Mobile before the August release

Next up is Project Winter Mobile, which is going into pre-registration for a planned release on Android and iOS on August 31. An 8-player social deception game, this title powered by Boltrend Games has everything to seduce on mobile after a good reception from players on Steam. LikeAmong Us, Project Winter Mobile has you performing tasks while actively fighting traitors. Playing with different levels of voice chat, you will be able to communicate with the whole team, with the people close to you or only with your saboteur friends. The goal for the survivors is to manage to contact help and escape before they end up forgotten in the winter cold.

Major updates

While new games may tempt you, there are some of you who have already found an exciting mobile game on Android or iOS and will be more interested in the updates of the week. So let's start together this round-up of the updates and other events that marked the last seven days.

Pokémon Unite : one year already

This week, Pokémon Unite celebrates its first birthday. To celebrate this anniversary, the MOBA from TiMi Studios and Nintendo has added three new playable characters. GlaceonThe ice evolution ofEevee is the first to join the arena, arriving with the Ice Challenge on July 21. In addition to the cold of Glaceon to spend the summer in better conditions, you can enjoy the presence of Buzzwole and Tyranitar in August, before the second wave of Pokémon to be unlocked starting in September. To learn all about the new content of this summer season in Pokémon Unite, go to our dedicated article.

Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.11

Despite a mixed success, which I'll tell you about in numbers later in this recap, the card game from Riot Games, Legends of Runeterra, is still expanding its content. With the patch 3.11 Forces of the Beyond, Legends of Runeterra focuses on Kai'Sa, Gwen and Evelynn and adds more than 70 new cards that strengthen the lore of the license after the Arcane series and the current Star Guardian event on all games Riot Games.

Change of class from Diablo Immortal

Other major updates this week include the arrival of class switching from Diablo Immortal. Thanks to this new system, you can change class every week for free starting at level 35 and thus easily test the Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, Monk, Crusader and Necromancer. Meanwhile, Activision Blizzard is preparing to release Diablo Immortal in China before the end of July, which should further boost the financial results of this already successful game.

FIFA Mobile 2022 Manager Mode

On the sports side, the game experience expands with FIFA Mobile 2022's manager mode. With the upcoming update, you'll be able to set up game tactics for your team, watch your players try to implement them, and make changes in real time to try to win as a Manager. By making the right offensive and defensive adjustments, you should be able to get the best out of your players before the end of the game.

Teamfight Tactics patch 12.13

Earlier this week, the TFT 12.13 patch was activated on the live servers. With this new balancing layer, games are shortened, Assassins and Pyrotechnics damage takes a nerf, while Gunners and Cosmic champions gain a power boost. The majority of dragons have also undergone changes, so I invite you to read the detailed patch notes for the TFT 12.13 update.

Cookie Run Kingdom x Disney Partnership

Among the collaboration announcements that stood out this week was Cookie Run Kingdom and Disney. No word yet on what the Disney content will look like with this update, but we should find out soon, so get ready for a bit of enchantment this summer.

Star Wars Hunters postponed

Speaking of Disney, the release of Star Wars: Hunters has just been pushed back again, but this time to 2023. So if, like us, you're tired of waiting for the release of this game since February 2021, you can always fall back on Hasbro Power Rangers, Marvel or even Star Wars figures to print your head on the figurines of your favorite heroes for 60 euros... and a rather dubious result, at least according to me. You'll still have to scan your face via the Hasbro Pulse application and accept that the rendering is worthy of a meme on your shelf.

PUBG Mobile x Blackpink Partnership

The partnership that stood out this Friday was between PUBG Mobile and the K-PoP band Blackpink, who gave a virtual in-game concert. Like Travis Scott in Fortnite, the band Blackpink invited itself on a mobile Battle Royale for a concert but also with exclusive content to customize your games.

News esport and industry

In mobile gaming too,esport is growing and coming alive. Let's take a look at the industry news.

Riot Games x AWS for a new esport (maybe)

Let's talk aboutesport and the mobile gaming industry. First of all, the collaboration between Riot and AWS wants to open new perspectives foresport on PC and mobile. While we haven't really understood what they have in mind to change the industry codes, we imagine that a move to AWS of their API system used by most fansites could propel Riot game analytics data to new horizons.

Riot games numbers

With the results from Diablo Immortal, eyes turn to the major players in the mobile gaming industry to evaluate the revenues of their respective games. This week we take a look at the numbers for Riot Games mobile games thanks to a chart from Sensor Tower. With just $24 million spent in-game by players, Legends of Runeterra hasn't been able to completely find its audience, but TFT is doing quite well with $300 million generated since its launch and Wild Rift reaches $500 million. Despite these nice figures, 72% of Wild Rift's revenues come from the Chinese market alone, which proves that the title still has a long way to go in Europe.


And to end the week on a bit of news what the fuck, we learned about the arrest of 108 PUBG Mobile players in Bangladesh. You're wondering what these players did besides participating in a local LAN? Absolutely nothing. The reason for the arrest is that playing PUBG: Mobile in Bangladesh is illegal as the title has been banned from the country along with Free Fire due to their "destructive" nature via their incentives to purchase considered as online casino. 24 players were sentenced to 2 days in jail, the rest of the group were minors and it is not yet known what the court has planned as a punishment for the organizers.

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