Monster Hunter Mobile announced by TiMi Studios

Monster Hunter Mobile announced by TiMi Studios

TiMi Studios has just unveiled the Monster Hunter Mobile announcement, the next game of the famous Capcom license. Let's find out together what we know and what we can expect from this monster hunting game coming to Android and iOS.

TiMi Studios announces Monster Hunter Mobile

The Monster Hunter Mobile announcement was made by TiMi Studios, a subsidiary of the giant Tencent, which is responsible for Pokémon Unite, Arena of Valor and COD Mobile. This is the first collaboration between TiMi Studios and Capcom, even if the latter has already worked with Tencent on the PC title Monster Hunter Online, available only on the Chinese market.

Monster Hunter Mobile announcement: Monster Hunter Online picture

The Monster Hunter license is already present on Android and iOS since 2018 with Monster Hunter Stories, whose success is mixed. Indeed, despite good reviews, its price of 23.99 euros is a non-negligible brake for a mobile game, even if there is a free demo version.

What can we expect from this new game?

For the moment, we have no information about the gameplay that will be offered by the game. The Monster Hunter Mobile announcement simply mentions that Monster Hunter Mobile will keep the spirit of Capcom's license, while offering an experience adapted to mobile gameplay.

Monster Hunter World picture

Based on the other games in the franchise, we can expect an open world RPG with an extensive bestiary. The game will probably include multiplayer features, and we can expect an MMO with raids to fight bosses in groups.

Anyway, the Monster Hunter mobile port will be an ambitious game and we have the right to expect a quality game given the last productions of TiMi Studios.

So much for the Monster Hunter Mobile announcement, coming soon on Android and iOS. To stay informed about the latest news of your favorite games, I invite you to visit regularly our page dedicated to mobile news.

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