Release date of Monster Hunter Now, the next geolocation game from Niantic

Monster Hunter Now release date

The Peridot game release is coming on May 9, Marvel World of Heroes is starting its soft launch and Niantic is not stopping with its game announcements. The studio has just revealed the release date of Monster Hunter Now on Android and iOS. The result of a collaboration between Niantic and Capcom, this new monster hunting opus on mobile has a good dose of extra action compared to the iconic Pokémon GO.

Monster Hunter Now mobile announcement trailer

Monster Hunter Now invites mobile players to fight and hunt monsters from Capcom's popular franchise. Using geolocation and tracking of your steps, the game projects monsters onto the map of your neighborhood to place clashes along your route. When Monster Hunter Now is released in September 2023, you'll be able to defeat monsters on your own or with your friends. When you come across a monster, you can either try to beat it directly or "tag" it for later.

Map Monster Hunter Now mobile game release date

That way, if you're in line at the supermarket or have a break, you can take advantage of it to chain fights and even invite your friends to join you. By the way, your companion Palico can also tag the monsters on your way for you. I let you enjoy the official trailer of Monster Hunter Now mobile.

The exact day of the release of the game has not yet been announced, but we already know that the release date of Monster Hunter Now will be in September. As for the gameplay, the fights do not use augmented reality and take up the essential codes of Monster Hunter. In real time, set traps, dodge and link moves with swipes and clicks. Each battle requires more attention than your Pokémon GO battles, which are more like Cookie Clicker than fast-paced action based on your reflexes.

Download and play Monster Hunter Now for the beta

Does the September release of Monster Hunter Now on mobile seem far away? You have a chance to download and play the game this month by participating in the beta. To sign up for the Monster Hunter Now closed beta, visit the game's official website. Enter your email and personal information to be added to the list of potential testers.

Up to 10,000 participants will be randomly selected for the launch of the MHN beta on Android and iOS on April 25. Even if you're not selected, you'll be able to receive emails to keep up with all the news about the game before the release date of Monster Hunter Now.

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Play Monster Hunter Now on Android and iOS and participate in the beta

Given the graphics of Peridot and the average success of Pikmin Bloom and the failure of Wizards Unite, Niantic has a lot of work to do in 2023 and the years to come to release quality games, get its teams back on track and prove to the world that Pokémon GO was not just a fluke.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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