The mobile MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor is now available!

Moonlight Sculptor

Today is the release of one of the most awaited games on mobile! The mobile MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor, by Kakao Games, is now available on iOS and Android platforms in France ! Here are the latest news about this new mobile game! 😁

What is this MMORPG?

The game has just been released on Google Play and theApp Store, on May 25th 2021. This release date was announced by the game's publishers, Kakao Games, in a press release only a few days ago! Moonlight Sculptor was, until then, presented in pre-registration by the developers, XL Games (creators of ArcheAge). Indeed, this brand new opus, free on mobile, comes from the same developers of the very famous MMORPG ArcheAge. That's why we have high hopes for this new game!

So what is Moonlight Sculptor? This game takes place in an open fantasy world, "Royal Road". It is massively multiplayer and offers a choice of six classes: alchemist, archer, mage, paladin, warrior and sculptor (no class)!

Moonlight Sculptor is above all a multiplayer world with a large map and lots of places to discover! Following feedback from players during testing, the developers have also integrated the Raid format, the ability to create guilds and participate in guild rankings. In addition, there is an offline mode as well as 1v1 Arena Duels and the Valuable Battlefield for players of level 100 and above! It is possible to earn very good rewards ! All with a very cute aesthetic and epic battles! 😎

Moonlight Sculptor is available in France!

According to the developers, the game is now available for at least 150 countries worldwide. Enough to find players to cooperate with! Three servers are available: America, Europe and Asia. We expect that if the game does well, more servers will open.

For the moment, the French language is not integrated in the game. Moreover, the addition of French is not in the works and we don't know if the language will be put on the game one day! Only English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese are currently available on the application! Something to work on your language lessons, right? 🤣

Moonlight Sculptor

You can already download the game Moonlight Sculptor on Android and iOS in order to test by yourself this new mobile MMORPG full of action and fighting! We know you'll love its chibis-like aesthetics! Moreover, this game allows you to create your own character with an editing system, admittedly still weak, but sufficient!

So, are you interested in this game? Don't hesitate to give us your feedback on Moonlight Sculptor in comments! Maybe we'll come back to share some tips about it! In the meantime, we wish you good games 😉

Eleysiss Survival, craft, BR, FPS, MMORPG... In short, discovery and fighting! What more could you ask for?

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